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Kokatat GMER drysuit was just delivered. No doubt I'll look extemely manly in this baby. Guess I'll have to take the day off tomorrow.


ENJOY! :slight_smile:

Good day to paddle
You might have to do a bit of rolling, supposed to be quite balmy for January.

What color did you get, Mango or Red?

See you on the water,



This one



I wanted pink to show how manly I am. Instead I got the cobalt too. :wink:


With the type of paddling you do, even with a pink with yellow polka dots dry suit you would still look manly. I wannnabee like you! lol


More like
Micheline man(ly).

But the first time you swim in those things it feels so good, like you’re cheating. Gotta love it.


Manly me…
Just like a little kid, I couldn’t wait to try it on. So I ran home, stripped put the suit on (wasn’t easy) Neck is too tight. Luckily my wife is at work. If she saw me it would just confirm to her what a dork I am!



Neck too tight?
Any Ideas? Can I just rim some of the latex off?


Take A Ring Off

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go paddle and see how that feels before doing another. I'm assuming a ring since you were able to get you head through in the first place.

On all my drysuits/drytops, I almost always have to take off three rings right from the git go just to get head through.

(AKA fat head)

How long do you have to wear it before
… you can really say it is too tight?

Mine always feels too tight for the first five minutes or so. But after a that, I don’t even know it’s there.

Then You Good To Go!

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heck if it ain't chocking you out literally, or turning your head blue, you're all set.

The initial sense of pressure/discomfort that is noticed then disappears into the background.


Before I trim…
maybe I’ll just put in on and sit around for a bit to see if stretches.

Getting the thing off was harder than putting it on. With a few layers underneath it’ll be even tougher. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Took head out first then right arm (not easily) contorted so I could get the shoulder off and then the left arm. Is there an easier way?


If you can yell without choking
then it’s not too tight.

If it feels like it’s crushing your adams apple when you talk above a whisper it needs a trim.

The best thing to do is to stretch it over a two liter soda bottle and trim around with a new razor blade. You don’t want to leave nicks that could turn into tears.

When putting it on or taking it off I stretch it over my head with my hands.


That’s what I do-
I’ve got the same suit. My head is always the last thing in and the first thing out. A little bit of a straight-jacket feeling trying to get that first arm and shoulder out, but it’s not an issue if it fits you a little long. Just take your time working the gaskets over your head or hands, using your fingers to keep everything straight and even.

Trim as others said, one ring at a time until it feels snug, but becomes almost unnoticable after paddling 15 minutes. After wearing mine a year, I recently took another 2 rings off. Now it almost feels too loose, but I swim and roll in it regularly with no leakage. I have found razor stubble to be hard on the neck gasket. Try to keep a clean shave or a soft beard.

Speaking Of Micheline Man…

If you are not rolling equally on both sides, made sure you burp your suit before going out. If you go over on the wrong side, the air may prevent you from going all the way over to the other side to do the onside roll. Sounds weird, but I seen folks swim because they couldn’t get to the onside because of an “inflated” suit.


Thanks Sing
That never crossed my mind!


Trim it so it’s a bit tight
Then push it down as far as you can on your neck. I have found that the lower I wear the gasket, the less uncomfortable it is.

nice suite, i especially like
the zippered chest pocket!