Yo Izuri

Hey, or Yo

Anyone have experience with the Yo izuri crystal minnows. They look great,but do they catch anything besides fishermen? thanks,Frogge.

Absolutely !
Here in West Central Florida, they’re pretty effective. I routinely troll one while paddling to my next spot. I use the floating/shallow runner models, and have had snook, trout, and spanish macks hit them.

As pag-yaker said, YoZuri minnows are
quality lures. They definitely work here in FL.

The clown colored sinkers work great for Pikerel and Striped Bass in the blood red waters of the Pine Barrens of NJ.

3.5" yellow/orange head minnow
I have caught a wide range of fish on the lure. flounder, jack, cuda, lizard fish, mackeral, runners and yes the hooks are dangerous to fisherman.