Yo Philly paddlers, Delaware river???

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I'm wondering why I don't see other kayaks on the lower Del. River below the city. I launch in NJ across from the airport, and the scenery and activity of jets and ships makes the paddle very interesting. The tide doesn't seem to be strong and when the wind blows it makes for nice choppy condifitons. I'm just wondering what keeps this area from being more popular with kayakers, is it all the boats and wave runners, or is the water dirty???

Lived in Pa in late 80s early 90s
The river there smelled bad and was obviously polluted you could see petroleum on surface of the water. Not sure if things have changed but there are much nicer parts of the river just above Trenton, and nice rivers nearby in PA and NJ.

Any recommendations on launch sites
I just moved to Delaware County, PA, and would be very interested in kayaking this section of river. Can anyone recommend places to safely launch and leave a car while on river. So far, I have only paddled the Brandywine Creek and Marsh Creek Lake. I also want to try the schukyll, but again, wondering where to park.


I personally don’t notice the water having a bad smell, but I do see my kayaks white hull is somewhat dirty below the waterline. But I’m not sure it’s a health issue.

I do bike the Delaware towpath above New Hope and totally enjoy that area, but I really like everything there is to see from the water below the city. This was my 1st summer paddling there and Seadart you wouldn’t believe how many Bald Eagles call this area home.I saw adult &juvinile Eagles, mostly near the NJ shoreline, but also surprisingly near Philly airport. Even Ospreys on their nest at a closed refinery, so I guess that’s a good sign. Also it’s only an hour drive for me compared to nearly 2 hours to the bays in NJ.9

In the last 30 years
We have exported a lot of our industrial pollution to China … I guess one of the few benefits of how the US economy has changed.

Schuylkill & Delaware maps
Contact http://schuylkillriver.org/ They have nice maps of the Schuylkill River with launch points located. You can get great Delaware maps from the Delaware river Basin Commission.

Thank you for the link
I appreciate the club link.


Tidal delaware River … yes indeed!

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The tidal Delaware River water trail is a wonderful place to go out and paddle. The official web page has maps which show many things, as well as launching spots along the entire 56 mile route from Trenton, and on down to Marcus Hook. Riverwinds, which is located in West Deptford, New Jersey, is an ideal spot to put in at, with easy access on up to Penns Landing & the lower Schuylkill River.