Yoke for a Grasse River Classic XL?

Although the canoe only weighs 24lbs. or so I’m looking for a yoke to do extended carries, in excess of 1 mile, while carrying a dry bag.

Anyone know where I can get a yoke? Do they make one? Or what type of custom settup I can build?

I did check the Grasse River website but did not see any accessories.

Thanks for your help.

Hey JDunn

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Are you planning on doing the ninety miler this year?
Check with Kevin at Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories about the yolks that clamp on to a pedestal seat. If you can not find the location E-mail me and I will give you his personal E-mail. Great people to deal with.


Thanks, Charlie!
We have made several yokes for Classic XLs. The seat tubes are mounted too tight to the box they are mounted on to use the pedestal mount version of our yokes. Instead, we’ve set folks up with a gunwale-mount version and it has worked well. Drop me an e-mail or call if you’d like to talk it over.

Thanks for the kind words, Charlie - it really means alot!

And for those who remember me here… HOWDY! It’s been a while!

ADK Classic
Yes I sure am, application is in the mail. Hopefully I’ll get in. I took last year off but am hoping to get in this year. Last year I spent a few days on Lake Lila canoe camping and on the way out drove over the bridge at Long Lake just as the canoes were making their way down the lake, what a terrible feeling that I wasn’t out there! Can’t do that again.

How 'bout yourself?

P.S. - thanks for the info on the yoke.

Gunwale Mount Yoke
I do have a gunwale mount yoke which I assumed (big mistake!) would not work since the XL’s gunwales are narrower than a prism we use it on but I just tried it and I think it will work fine. Thanks for the response. As Charlie did, I would not hesitate to refer someone to your site, very nice.

Thanks again.

filled out the application and wrote the check last night. Randy and I will be caddilac-ing this year. We are going to use his Minn 2 and portage wheels! Since neither one of us is any good on foot we figured it would help on the long carries and since we are carrying almost 70 pounds too much on our waists between the two of us…