Yoke for Sawyer Loon????


I recently found a used spray deck and supposedly original yoke for a Sawyer Loon on ebay.

The yoke is peculiar. It doesn’t have any clamps or anything…is just one long pieced with a rope on one end. It is wider than the canoe cockpit rim.

Does anyone know how this is supposed to be used? I messed around with it a bit but couldn’t figure it out.

While it may not be the original yoke for the boat, my feeling is that it is and that there is some createive way it is supposed to be used.

I have traditional clamp on yokes which work, but they really torque and bend the cockpit coaming (which doesn’t seem to be that strong) so I would really like to be learn how to use this one.



I’m not familiar with that type of yoke.
I just use a yoke that clamps onto the cockpit rim.