York River Canoes info?

Just saw a Craigslist ad for a York River 16 ft fiberglass canoe for sale. What piqued my interest was the seller stated it’s “rare”:


Googled, but didn’t find anything substantial on York River canoes. Just this, which doesn’t seem like much:


So I’m curious – anyone know anything about them? I’m not interested in buying the canoe, just wanted to know more about York River Canoes.

york river
York River is, or was?, one of the low end Canadian manufacturers. Their layups were mostly chopper gun or woven roving. The trim was crude aluminum and plastic. The seats looked like they came from a lawn chair. Can’t remember much about the hull shape, just generic, 16’ x 36", flat bottomed with molded keel.

I looked back thru Canoe buyers guides as far as 1988 and found no listing for York River. I don’t think they ever established an American dealer network and the canoe is rare only because they weren’t sold here. Someone may have bought it cheap in Canada and brought it home. Only ones i have seen were in Canada. Of the low end Canadian companies, Watson made the better hulls, and Scott became the largest.

Not much to tell, hope this helps.


Thanks! Interesting…
I was pretty curious. It’s always interesting to me to see what someone think is a treasure (or “rare” in this case).

I also saw a Scott canoe for sale in that same day’s listing. Didn’t know they were considered on the lower end of the Canadian manufacturers.