yorkville, IL whitewater park

There is a manmade whitewater course in Yorkville and a slalom event scheduled ffor the 18th. They hope to put gates up tomorrow and have them up all week for p;ay and practice. I would like to go down sometime to play. Being with another somewhat experienced paddler seems prudent so I am checking to see if anyone is interested and how their schedule might look.

what type of boat?
What do you plan to paddle, Peter? I am not terribly far from Yorkville (about 6 hrs) and might possibly be persuaded to come, if my wife is in Evansville to look after the dogs.

Do you have any interest in OC-2? I have a Dagger Caption. I also have a 'glass Mad River Twister OC-1 designed for slalom.

My experience with whitewater slalom however, is largely limited to getting accidentally hit in the head with a gate pole while attempting to make my way downstream.

I am planning to take my mohawk solo 13 because it is what I have and the course looks doable for me in it. There are some clips on utube. My wife iis showing some interest also which would mean we would throw the old royalex explorer on the car as well.

You would have plenty of boat with the Twister (I think you said). And I would be very interested in trying the Caption with you . its only a quarter mile, More boats should make it more interesting

My wife is out of town right now and will probably return tomorrow night.

Did you plan to stay and compete in the slalom event? When were you thinking of going down and how many days were you planning to stay?


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Hi, Pete
There is a campground nearby called Hideaway Lakes. I called and they are confidnt no reservations will be needed for a priimative tent site. I plan to stay there.

I have kept my timing uncommitted to see what others' schedules look like. A possibility that looks good to me is going Thursday morning to paddle Thursday , Friday and Saturday if competing looks like fun. My past experience with competing was fun and great practice but I was not at all competitive.
Open to suggestion .

will check
I will check with my wife regarding her plans when she gets back in town tomorrow night and send you a PM this weekend.

PM ?
Maybe l have missed something. What is your status please?

Went to Yorkville
The heat was memorable. The water was excellent easy class 2.

For midwesterners this is worth some travel time to play or practice in some lively chutes and eddies. and surf a little. Streamflow for the Fox River was 1500 to 2800 while we were there. The course gets a fraction of that. Good paddling at all those levels. I dont know how low it can go before it dies.

Thanks for the report
Sounds like fun. Sorry things did not work out for me to come.

Heat was memorable in southwest Indiana as well.