You folks w/ Quetico knowledge...

Planning a trip in mid-late Sept.

#1- How crowded will it be?

#2- Do you think I’ll run in to a lot of people in the northeast, putting in at French, and dropping down to Trousers/Cache/McKenzie?

General thoughts on routes & etc are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

no crowds
Quetico has a lot few people all the time. Fewer entry points, fewer permits given. Late September is becoming more popular, but it is still a quiter time in the park. Your route is rarely traveled as it involves some very long and difficult portages.


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You will see people in Quetico in mid to late Sept, but it will not be crowds. On your proposed route you will see very few folks. But keep in mind the area has been in a drought for the last year or so and water levels have been lower than normal. If you are proposing a return trip on the Cache River (more of a creek than a river); it will probably be before fall rains arrive. Be sure to ask the Quetico Park staff about river conditions before you head off, and have a plan B route in mind off Pickerel in case the river is too low for good travel.

September is great!
We did a 7 day trip last September. We seen a few single canoes some of the days and several days with any as well. Only when we got close to Prairie Portage did we encountered three groups. Never did not get a camp site we wanted, actually we never saw a site that was not open. No insects and we were blessed with just outstanding weather. But keep in mind weather can be a factor so one needs to be prepared for it