You know the rivers are low when

When the clearing done earlier this year doesn’t help.

When you can see under the trees on the shoreline.

When dangerous barely-submerged objects that have been marked with a buoy are now in plain sight.

When things you’ve never seen before start to emerge. I’m more convinced than ever that this could be an old wagon crossing.


If that is low water, you are really fortunate.

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…When bodies rolled-up in carpet are visible 3 feet down from the surface.

(I don’t have any pictures, just sayin’.):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks like a wing dam. They are sticking out all over on the Mississippi it is so low.

Yep I’m loving it. Plenty of water for me but the water is low enough to make powerboats nervous so hopefully it’ll drop more.


Thanks for your comment skyview. I looked up wing dam and it does seem like it might be one. This area used to be a tourist destination for folks from Chicago that would take big (300’) boats from Chicago to the Silver Beach amusement park and then smaller (100’) boats took people upstream on the St Joseph to various tourist play areas. I’ve wondered how they managed to use such big boats on the river.

Not wrapped in carpet but I came across this guy yesterday.

….when this is your paddle destination for the day


Ahh, the Concept2 RowErg. Have over a million meters on mine. Not sure if it helped my paddling but sure is a good workout.

It’s a great tool for working on form during the off season, although I prefer to be on skis if possible lol I’ve got mine set up with the single blade paddle adapter

We use this virtual program and have “group paddles”


Gee, that looks like fun. Might give the free iPad version a try.

Anything to help with the monotony of erging.

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“He sleeps with the fishes.”

–Line from The Godfather.:gloves:


I was on a section of river today (Upper Winnipesaukee river) that I like to practice on because the river was running a bit higher than it has all summer. I didn’t realize they had opened the dam at the bottom of this section and dropped the level. It’s usually calm and slow moving through here. Not today.



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The DIIIx is a sweet ride Darkstar. If I ever replace my Crozier J200 it would be that exact boat.

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The X is a little big for me but it it really is a great boat. I put a high back seat in it and literally could paddle it all day(and have!)One of my greatest joys in life is paddling c1

There’s one for sale near me. I’d like to try a C1 one day.

So unfortunate.

So in the whitewater realm the term is elf. Extreme Low Flow, i like just a little water to go with my rocks!

It has been a weird couple years down here in east Texas as well. The Neches River has a flood stage at 17’ where I canoe a lot. Last year it stayed above 16’ from February to half way through August. This past summer I don’t think it ever got above 8’. We had a very dry summer, but thankfully we have been getting rain lately.

You know the rivers are low when… though your own river is only a bit lower than usual for this time of year, you see articles like this:

Its about a month old, but there hasn’t been a lot of rain since - at least around here.