You'll be happy to know I got a 12 foot!

I originally ordered the Old Town Dirigo 106 which is 10 ft 6, when it arrived it looked and felt small. Returned it and ordered the Dirigo 120, 12 ft long. Do you still disapprove of my choice in brand or is this probably the best I will get for $700? I saw a Wilderness Systems Pungo at REI that was super slick, I just had a hard time spending another $200 as I had originally wanted to keep it around $500. What do you think, can I do a lot better than the Dirigo for $700?


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As was pointed out, all the Old Town's tend to be heavy and slow. And after all your obsessing about weight you bought a 50 pound boat.

"Value" is a subjective thing. Yes, you could have gotten lighter and more nimble boats than what you chose, even in that price range. My recollection is that you were stuck on the Old Towns and really were not very open to any suggestions we had for alternatives.

We suggested many options, which you apparently ignored -- you could have gotten the Perception Conduit 13 that I recommended for $548 from Gander Mountain. See the link below for their current price.

The Conduit weighs 51 pounds, is longer and narrower than what you bought and has dual bulkheads. And you would have had $150 left over to buy a decent paddle and PFD.

By the way, you need to buy a flotation bag (around $30) for the bow of that Dirigo because if it swamps or capsizes it will sink: google "cleopatra's needle kayak sinking" if you want to see what that looks like. Here's a YouTube video of what will happen if you don't

All in all, it's kind of odd that you are looking for approval now when this was clearly your decision and you took none of our recommendations into consideration, except to go a little longer but you state you did that because of how it looked.

Boats should not be bought based on "looks" -- we told you that. Any boat is better than no boat, but I don't think you got much bang for your buck. I hope you are happy with what you bought, and no doubt your buddies will approve. But you ought not to come begging for a high five from us after you pretty much ignored all our experienced advice.

You asked, so I guess you…
want answers !

Sure you could have done better.

For $700, you could have got a good used kayak between 14 and 17 feet long.

Craigs list or outfitters at the end of the season selling off their rental fleet.

Just last week, I saw a 17 foot Perception Eclipse for $350, and it was in good shape complete with a rudder

jack L

Go enjoy your boat. We all started
with something that floats.

is the ability to return it a factor?
Until you buy the “boat of your dreams” you’re often going to find that there is a slightly better model for just a little bit more. New models are priced that way for a reason.

As has been mentioned, a lot of times the best bang for your buck comes from the used market. Also, this time of year paddle shops tend to run pretty good end of season sales. But once you buy into those, you are kind of committed to it.

I’m just guessing, but are you focused on new kayaks from stores like REI to ensure you can return it if you don’t like it?


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The P Net classifieds have a (composite) Pintail listed at $800. $100 more than you paid for the Old Town, for a kayak that'll never reach its rough water limits before you do. Yes, it might be 6-8# more for that extra 5.5'.

So no, I can't approve of your purchase.

Why are you asking?
Seriously, as willowleaf said you blew off most of what people said here. So why are you asking for approval now?

Go paddle the darned thing and come back when you have enough seat time to know what anyone was talking about.

…just read his ‘I need a cheap roof rack thread’ and the OP does not demonstrate much in the way of listening skills. Not a great trait for someone asking knowledgeable people for advice.

Doubt he looked at alternatives
The OP was fixated from the start on Old Town boats because he “likes the way they look” (go figure that one!) and because his buddies have them (hard to believe a 33 year old cares that much about peer approval). As far as we can tell, he listened to virtually none of the detailed alternatives and selection factors that several of us took the time to offer, including the downsides to an overly heavy and sluggishly designed rec boat.

Sorry I wasted my time. Que sera, sera.

You know my husband has a 12 foot
and when he tries to jam the two of them in a Greenland kayak he is less than pleased.

Gone. Ocean cockpit, anyway.

I’m confused

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I didn't ignore your advice, I'm sorry if I miscommunicated but I was looking for a rec boat, not a touring boat. I will almost exclusively be using this boat for small lakes and rivers. Everything I read including on here drew a clear distinction between the two. I was also told here in my original thread that I would not be able to beat the Old Town for a new boat in that price range. Maybe they miscommunicated, I was told I would have to go used to get better. It may seem shallow or misguided but I have been working really hard at a new job and I hadn't really bought myself anything nice. I kind of wanted a new boat. I realize I will eat some depreciation cost.

Additionally, I have nowhere to store a 14 ft boat, I'm going to have enough trouble finding room for the 12. I did look at all of the alternatives suggested and I have been listening to everything the experienced people in here have said but again as I was told by multiple people in here I would be unable to get a better new boat in that price range.

Lastly, I did not go longer bc of the appearance but more bc of how it felt and paddled, I did put it in the water briefly and wasn't pleased w the tracking at all.

Not exactly
As I told Willowleaf above, I was always looking for a rec boat, I have no place to store a 14 foot boat. Does everyone here basically consider rec boats out of the question? I didn’t realize that. I thought they both had their purpose.

Good one, KM!

W.L, I have never seen you
This upset! (Is your boundless patience finally wearing thin?) Ohio Guy may just paddle around Indian Lake in his Old Town boat…forever, and be truly happy to be among the duly anointed and whetted ones of the kayaking fraternity. (Just a few more of us…and we can take over!) However, I do hope he doesn’t stop everyone he meets, and ask how he looks in his new boat.

Safe (Happy) Journeys

Conduit 13
Maybe too late, Perceptions Conduit 13, longer, thinner, two bulkheads, oh yeah, and cheaper.

Your new Eco Yacht. Happy Paddling! He may outgrow that boat or he may not. Just be happy!

Still going with “troll”, now more than ever.

Tough crowd.

we tried
Several of us took considerable time to provide him with a lot of information, which he largely ignored. We’re not being “tough”, just annoyed.