Your experience with an Olympic 1050

My Olympus stylus 500 is toast. I know some of you have had a 1050 for awhile. How is it for paddling and kid photos?

Ah’ wuz a…
Javelin ketcher in de 1050 Olympics…


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I have a 1030, works great
Am I mistaken or did Olympus pare down some of the features on the 1050? Not that I use anywhere near what the 1030 has to offer anyway.

Having lost my 1030 due to poor knot skills on the tether, I replaced it with a 1050. The 1050 has less zoom and takes longer for the electronics to work - it has a longer lag between depressing the shutter button and the camera actually taking the picture. I miss the 1030. The 1050 is cheaper.

The answer the OP question, the 1050 is fine for snapshots and kid pictures, and video of otters climbing on your kayak. It also shows failed cowboy re-entires very well.

It’s OK
I’m really not stunned by it. The colors of outdoors pictures seem to end up being a bit washed out, regardless of what I try and get it to do.

The lag starting up and between pictures is frustrating at times.

BUT- it’s waterproof and I like that.

I’ve decided, I’m using it as a kayaking camera and will keep my bigger (but still point & shoot) Sony H1 for non-kayaking purposes.

I like it
very much.

Some recent photos:

I think “Jammin” was with my other digital camera and the rest were with the 1050SW.

Some have been modified heavily, but this gives you an idea what the camera can do in amateur hands. The other 5 albums on my Picasa page were also with the 1050SW. Most of those are not post-processed.


I like my 1030.
Small, easy to use and waterproof. But I don’t think the photo quality is as good as the Cannon that I use for work.

Jimyaker , Thanks! One picture etc.
Good enough for me.