Your favorite online gear stores?

Generally better for buyers than sellers but still worth looking into.

can I make a suggestion?
(hat in hand)

Check out your local shops. Sometimes it may be easier. Other times they may be willing to order something they don’t typically stock.

Tell them about your online experience. It may make them consider options including branching out onto the web or other considerations to better serve customers. You may just help them grow their business to where it benefits both of you.

Swedge, I’ve ordered happily online but I could tell you absolute horror stories about online ordering that if reconsidered, I would have paid 30% more locally to avoid.

Sorry for not sticking rigidly to the subject but it sees like more than a few are interested.

Please don’t suggest moving this to B&B.

Now you’ve done it.

Thanks for the input
paddle_pirate, reefmonkey, sedna, mintjulep, mphelps3, tsunamichuck, and seakak1 - I really appreciate it. Its good to know what other stores offer out there and it also gives me a good idea of prices. My local paddleshop is also named Canoesport - its the only place I’ll ever buy a kayak from and just this year I bought and traded boat three times already but I like getting an idea what other stores carry gear-wise, this is a great sport and most times has a lot of really cool laid back people. I appreciate the feedback!

NRS and Campmore
Simply because each of these has gone beyond the call to rectify a problem I had with an order I recieved from them.

NRS is tops in my book.

They remind me of the teacher who was never too busy to simplify something to the point where the child completely understood.

campmor is great
with returns and refunds. Fast and no questions asked.

Campmor has high quality, good prices and excellent return policy.

your local paddle shop is
first store in his post.

Folks here are probably sick of my hyping New England Small Craft, Charles River Canoe and Kayak and the legendary Maine Island Kayak Company, but… :slight_smile:

Cabelas, Bell, Wenonah, NOC
my “local” paddle shop is 200 miles round trip. They will UPS stuff to me, if they have it in stock. Sometimes I can batch orders to make it worth the drive. If they have to order it may take several months, or never if its from Mad River Canoe and Voyageur-Gear.

I don’t buy anymore from Sierra Trading Post because they spam the *^&# out of me daily and send me a print catalog every week. I’ve asked several times to get off their mailing list to no avail.

I like NOC, NRS, Bell, Wenonah and Piragis because of their wide selection and fair pricing and their easy return-or-exchange policy, and I get the discount for some orders.

No local shop…

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Closet thing to an outdoor equipment shop is 85 miles away, one way. Not a very large shop & limited inventory. Next closet are 150 miles away, one way.

Not very cost effective to drive 300 miles to look at gear. The purchase of a $100.00 paddle could end up costing me $140.00 or more after expenses.

Therefore, I use NOC for most gear purchases.


Mad River = Confluence=Wilderness
Systems=Harmony=Dagger=Perception=Wave Sport. To much consolidation in too short of a time. At least there has been some decent cross-pollination, at least with SOT’s, but parts of the conglomerate need to shape up.

Sierra Trading Post
Sometimes those emails have 20% additional off everything coupons.

Local or on-line depends
on what I’m looking for and if they have it local (rare). If I can find it local I ask them to match on-line price or get close to it, if not I wait on the mail. I’m still looking for a good pair of shoes, something that will not be ripped easily by broken glass. May take several shops to find so I can try on first, one item I’d had to order without a good test fit.


The Paddlin Shop is one of my favorites
Do not have a shopping type shop, but call and talk to them. Good people!

Formerly Carl and John’s Paddlin. Name and location change. John still there.



Jersey Paddler & Blue Mtn Outfitters
are two east coast paddle shops that have a wide selection, and they ship same day.

Which Blue Mountain? PA, NY, Other?

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My favorite is BMO of Marysville, PA. Super Great People! Best store to go visit in it's landmark old train station!



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I have bought several pieces of kayaking gear, including a sweet Wildwasser tow belt and bag, a Console deck bag, reflective perimeter line/rope, from Marshall (a Pnetter) at this Hyde park retailer. Call for items not listed here.

Agree with tsunamichuck, many fine deals on eBay (example: currently, Necky fiberglass kayak and all gear on eBay now--search "fiberglass kayak").

Sierra Trading Post
Just received another Sierra Trading Post coupon. Puts the Carolina 14.5 at $464 and the paddle at under $100.
As the name implies, they’re about hiking/camping, not about paddling. But I enjoy the portages a lot more now that I’ve dropped 20 pounds from my pack. And some of the gear works for paddling.

If you pay $25, you become a “premium member,” which gives you access to their very-high-quality, very-technical reviews and essays. You also get a discount at their store.

Their gear prices are high, but a lot of what they carry can’t be had elsewhere, or you’d have to spend hours finding it. As for the membership, I’ve found the info entirely worthwhile (I just renewed for my third or fourth year). The web site is pretty cluttered, to my eye, but the content is great.

– Mark

Just called NRS
to order something. Then changed my mind and called them back to cancel. Then checked my e-mail. They sent it anyway! Well … they’re nothing, if not fast. C’est la vie.