Your favorite online gear stores?

Other than:

Your local paddleshop

Sierra Trading



Where do you buy your paddling gear from? I learned my lesson on buying sprayskirts online - I almost drowned once when I bought a Harmony sprayskirt when the grabloop broke on me while I was upside down in my kayak so I probably wont buy any Harmony gear ever again.


the ones who support this site!

Oh wow…
I totally forgot about that and we get a discount too! Thanks!

I thought you guys were all about
supporting your local paddle shops. Most shops carry spray skirts. As for the failure of the Harmony skirt, that’s not the fault of an on-line store. Its either poor manufacture, poor application, or just a defect as even quality merchandise can have.

And I do
support my local paddleshop but that doesnt mean I cant shop elsewhere if I wanted to. I dont think we should be criticizing each other on where we want to shop. I was asking for suggestions from those who want to reply to my question.

what local store?? i like NRS and Campmore… The Local stores are not local and they most always have that “We dont have that in your size but we can order it for you” mentality. I can order it myself have it deliverd to my door, AND pay less for it.

Online Stores



Seattle Sports

For camping gear also:

I google for alternatives all of the time also.


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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Piragis/Boundary Waters catalog

Lucky me - CampMor be me local paddle/outdoor gear shop

Not a cricism, but a statement of fact
from hundreds of threads where many pile on about not buying locally. Buy where you want. But, it is a free speech forum open to criticism on any topic so don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve.

local stores
This is not a kayaking-specific issue. I make an effort to support local “outdoor equipment” retailers, particularly when they have helpful, friendly staff. The problem is that local specialty stores (which are normally smallish operations) often don’t have a wide selection of brands. For example, if I tried someone’s paddle and really wanted to purchase one myself, I would first check with the local shop. But if they didn’t carry it, I wouldn’t feel guilty about purchasing one online. I would probably mention to the local guys that “it’s a shame you don’t carry brand x paddles.” Presumably if enough people request a particular brand/type of product, the shop will give some serious consideration to offering it.

Of course, some things don’t lend themselves well to purchasing sight-unseen, IMO (e.g. kayaks, hiking boots, bikes)

For those that answered my
original question - thanks for sticking to the subject. I really appreciate your input.


Rutabaga works well as both an onsite and email vendor.

I’m compiling my own little online store list. :slight_smile:

Shop online at
Rei, ReiOutlet, NRS and an Eddyline shop in the San Juans. I have mixed feelings about local shops. Had enough of them and their out-fricken-rageous prices up north.

Really love every February when my REI dividend arrives. Woo-hoo!! :slight_smile:

REI, Brigade Quartermaster, La Perla
Oops, that last one is for things for my wife. I also shop brick-and-mortar at REI, BassPro, Fishing Tackle Unlimited, Academy, Canoesport.

Only FTU and Canoesport would qualify as buying locally. I go to stores that have good selection and good prices. I haven’t really found a reason to support local stores - actually, the prices at Canoesports are kinda high and the people there are pretty pompous and rude - and they claim to have invented kayak fishing. For some reason I was under the impression that Inuit did that. Even if we are talking about modern recreational kayak fishing, I doubt this little shop in Houston did it.

Canoesport=kayak nazis…but they
actually know their business, have a load of great canoes and kayaks…best canoe dealer in Houston (Wenonah), and don’t really try to stuff you in something you can’t afford. Fishing Tackle Unlimited is the pentultimate owner run big box…huge store that rivals many big box chains, with a smaller outlet store on the West Side. Good service, knowledgeble staff, high prices.

Now for someone to knock on you about Bass Pro not being a paddle store.

I use my local paddle shop because…
I work there and it’s hard to beat the prices, especially with my employee discount. :slight_smile: On the few occassions that I shop for gear online, I use, NRS, REI, and LL Bean, which is almost local for me.

Campmor is my local store
or at least one of them.



Kittery Trading Post in Maine
Will be offering online service soon! Was there last week and is one of the best Out Fitter Retailers I have visited. Great prices. Example: Selling out new 2006 Necky Chathams 17 in carbin for $2500. Bought a B&B bent shaft $99 canoe paddle for $49. Can’t wait till they go online!