Your favorite paddle making tool?

Mine is a 10" drawknife I inherited. I don’t think it was ever used. great for carving looms.

My AMEX card, which and on which I draw

You have to get the raw material first before you can shape your paddle. I have made a couple of cedar paddles from one eight inch wide log.

My Molds : )

Patrick at ONNO Paddles!!

Not sure he’ll like bein’ called a tool though.

I aspire to a …
crooked knife.

Stanley Surform
Comes in different sizes and find both the straight and curved blades really great! Other one is a microplane barrel sanding bit for my drill. Will spring for a microplane straight blade for my Surform tool soon. These things carve beautifully.

I pay cash for my Lumpy paddles. I throw in an extra twenty 'cause Bill doesn’t charge enough.

Sounds like a real ‘handy’ crowd.

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I looked up my draw knife and it is an antique that sells for $45-$60. My other favorites are an electric plan, a high speed sander , and a jig saw.

If you are talking GPs…
Since you are talking looms, you must be making a Greenland Paddle. For GPs, the block plane is the coolest tool. Simple, precise and feels elegant in your hand as it shaves the paddle into shape.


Plane and Spokeshave
A small hand plane, a straight-edged spokeshave, sandpaper - add wood , instant GP…lol…

Can’t live without
my low angle block plane.

unless you count my Japanese waterstone

I’m Not Totally Skill-less
If you asked me about my favorite paddle maintenance tool I’d say it was that very, very fine steel wool. After I sand out the scrapes and dings and I re-oil, I rub out that ugly gloss with the steel wool. I really like the look and feel after I do that.

wood burning tool and Sharpies
so i can customize them.

Low angle block plane and random orbital sander.

Definitely a spokeshave

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I have several of them for different purposes (rough cuts, finish cuts, concave, convex).

However, if I could only have one tool, it would be a high-quality block plane, as it's more versatile.

paddle making tool
When making paddles I start with a drawknife, use a block plane the most and finish with a spokeshave. Like Brian, if forced to choose just one tool it would be a high quality block plane.

Anyone new to making Greenland paddles making would be well served with Brian’s excellent book “Greenland Paddles Step by Step”.


I like a good
Rasp and files. I do much of my shaping with them on bows and flutes and animal carvings. I also have block plane, spoke stave and draw knife. I have not made a gp yet, but plan on doing so.

If it had to be one tool only
It would be a draw knife or a spokeshave. With either I could, given adequate time, fashion a respectable paddle from a flat slab of wood.