your first choice sit in kayak

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hi all.

what do you think is the best sit in kayak for fishing...

ex off sit inside..



dirigo(old town)
predator(old town)
adventure(old town)
loon(old town)

prodigy (perception)


kestrel(current design)




Depends on the water and quarry
For all around use, I’d say a Pamlico. Probably a 10 foot one. I like shorter boats. Longer boats have a lot of advantages, but require more work to maneuver than I like to do. Speed doesn’t matter to me, because much of my river fishing is done floating and the river is doing the work. When I’m needing to paddle, it’s because there are rapids or obstructions. In which case, I like shorter boats because then it takes less work. Plus, I have a chance at an effective eddy turn in one, whereas I have not got that chance with a long boat. A long way to go to say that my choice of Pamilico 100 is based on MY kind of fishing in MY kind of water.

But actually, I wouldn’t buy a Pamlico 100. That’s just what I’d have taken from the list you gave. What I would actually buy (and did just to prove my point in advance) is a Dagger Approach.

Aside from that, the best all-around fishing kayak is the Dagger Blackwaters. In that model, the 10.5 is a little cramped for me and pinches my hips. I’m 6’3", 249# (I’m trying to lose weight so quite aware of each pound). However, the 11.5 is quite nice. The 10.5 floats me fine, it’s just the sitting comfort isn’t there and I have to get out every hour or so and wade.

So, there are my recommendations - overall, pretty much any water conditions in which a recreational kayak is appropriate - my tip of the hat goes to the Dagger Blackwater series. For the particular kind of fishing that I do in the particular kinds of water that I fish, the Dagger Approach. From your list, the WS Pamlico.

Have fun.

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hi B.D
hi BD…i did actualy ask question and start a tread about the dagger aproach and will had to the list…thanks for your response…


My pick
Take with a grain of salt as everyone has their own favorite. Most any rec kayak will work well for fishing. I chose the Loon 138. I found it stable, fast and roomy enough to carry my 6’3" 230 lb body around very comfortably. Carries all the gear I neeed and has an exceptionally comfortable seat. All day butt comfort. Tough as nails, Polylink 3 is indestructable. The newer Loons have a smaller cockpit, mine is the 18" x 55" size and I like the ease of entry and exit. Read reviews here

hi kayakangler

I do no one thing the old town have some realy good seat in them and they are comfortable.

do no some company push there product so some model are not worth the words there saying…

there tonss off great little kayak to fish…BUT some are better for some feature like the seats…etc.

this is very important…if you are not comfy in your seat you wont fish long and cant even dont like your kayak so not even use it mutch.

in my kayak i did some 10h stait in it without going out…no prob(truth) i just love my seat very comfortable.

but some other kayak…my back start to get numb after 1,5h…

thanks for the comments.


I’m most familiar with Old Town boats

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The Loon 138 appears to no longer be made of Polylink, think its a single layer poly plastic now. That's not necessarily bad, just puts it in the same class as the other single layer roto molded boats.

I have not seen the Adventure, but was impressed with its stats. A bit narrower than the Dirigo or Loon, it should be a delight to paddle and reasonably stable.

The Dirigo gets my vote as the best all around fishing kayak made by Old Town. I love my Loon, but like the layout of the Dirigo, especially the flat back deck. That becomes important for camping three or more days. Makes it easier to carry stuff.

Featherlite Heritage
I swear this hull triggers fish to bite. Never seen anything like it. Shore fishermen’s poles bend when I paddle by. I have caught more fish in the last year than the previous three since I got my Heritage. I can only guess it has something to do with hull pressure. I got the kakhi color, 9.5 sit it model. Stable, comes rigged and ready to go, price is better than most.

Fishing yaks
My brother and i do alot of fishing from are yaks,i fish from a pungo 120 and he from a loon 138.

We float down river several miles then paddle back up,my pungo is considerably more efficient coming back up but rides a little deeper then his loon.

The seat on the pungo is like no other and the console is a big plus for fishing.

I chose the pungo simply because i wanted an efficient and stable boat.

I also liked the Hurricane santee 116 sport.

Heritage Redfish

I realize you didn’t mention the Heritage Redfish on your list but if you are considering a SOT (sit-on-top) for fishing then this is something to consider.

I bought a 14’ last year after much research and testing out the other brands and this thing rocks! It is all about everyone’s preference I agree but at 6’3" (need the leg room) and the fact that I’m not fishing heavy currents in rivers this was my best choice and I have no regrets.