your opinion on this kayak for sale

was looking at this kayak Current Designs HV Extreme or Nomad as it is now called. New one with wide base seat, HV, Kevlar is 3899 plus 8.65% sales tax. This one is 180 miles each way to pick up.

OK I am nuts I have this boat in LV now. Was looking for tad more room getting out and deck is 3/4" higher. Buying this one would entail me changing seat to wide base about 100 in parts and some glass work I do myself and pedal up grade to Sea-lect pedals about another 75 and a bit of labor I would do. Not sure if I am looking at spider cracks behind combing or scratches. Has been on ebay about a month originally 1649.00 Year is 2000. Looks like it has been stored a while as hull seam is not faded and hatch straps are not either. Thanks for your opinions.

Probably a decent deal
At $1249, probably a decent deal. You could always take a risk and bid $1000 and see if you get it.

Well it was
in a smoke free home!!!

I’m always suspicious of sellers
that cannot spell and do not know what a sealed hatch is. Rutter? Really?

Smacks of a hot boat. The seller seems to be not a kayaker. Its in Rhode Island and near the Kayak Centre. You might call that store and ask if any of their customers have mentioned having a kayak stolen.


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not a hot boat my guess is estate sale from other items they are selling so they know little about RuTTTTers.

bought it

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800 bucks pick it up this coming week. Putting in wide base seat and Sea-lect pedal as Yakima pedals are horrible. First listing for kayak was 1,649.00 about a month ago.

good job
Given the original price earlier this year, that has to feel like a good buy!

got it

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Picked it up today excellent shape one cut or broken deck line. I have new line drom Current Designs in stock. It is a 2000 but has hardly been in the sun. Few scratches I can buff out tomorrow when I clean it up and wax it. Hope to post pictures soon. Was sellers nephew's kayak. Original owner used one or two years and stored. I believe that after looking at it. I think it got scratched when he picked it up to sell it for her nephew in a pickup truck. Scratches it has look fresh. Try it out tomorrow. Deals are out there if you have patience. I have bought three excellent Current Designs boats at bargain prices vs. new. I bought another for three hundred bucks and restored it adding another 600 to the price. So really 17,000 if all were new no tax for 4,400. All look new now.

Nice catch.
You must have lots of storage.

BTW, smiled when I saw your remark about Yakima foot braces. I also think they’re awful.

Yakima foot braces

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To make them a bit better you can get a GM rubber brake pedal cover and cut it in half, Then it slides over the Yak pedal and it feels somewhat better. They stay on also and can be pulled off if you want. I think I posted it here last year for the exact model year brake pedal.

Storing 4 CD boats, to SOT hobie 13' and ocean 15', and a 15' Eddyline Journey. Maxed out now she'll kill me. Probably need to get SOT's sold. We never use them and they are like new. Were keeping SOT's for guess but I never got out after Memorial Day to Labor Day due to work. Never got Boston Whaler in water either. Glad I kayak all winter.

CD has done a great job updating
Their designs. The Nomad could benefit from a longer cockpit. No reason to have a short coaming.


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I agree it is to short at 29.5". It would be way better at 31 like a Solstice I have. 6' 230 it is a tight fit coming out. I lowered the seat in my LV Extreme and moved the seat back and it helped greatly. Will probably do the same here. Been bugging CD about redoing Nomad like they did the rest of the North American style boats they make. They said not happening it is not a big seller. If I win Lotto I would have them make a redesigned one in the morning. Was looking at other boats but I love the Extreme / Nomad.

Not a scratch left on the deck looks like brand new. Hull is near perfect one 2" scratch near bow needs some gelcoat. Replaced old deck lines with new reflective ones I had from CD. One new Extreme decal on bow and current designs on sides and you would be hard pressed to tell it was not new. Was a bit of mold on upper deck they took it to house where they were selling it and left it on grass upside down. Cleaned with bleach cleaner and now spotless.