you're suppose to be asleep bear

I really feel for this woman. I really do. However, given that she wasn’t injured, and has a great story to tell for the rest of her life, I don’t feel too bad about being very much entertained by this video.

That you should not bother pleading with the bear as their command of English is poor?

If she had just shut up for a minute the bear would have moved on?

we’ll see the bear and raise one leopard

‘people are pigs’

If I am seeing this right
The bear approaches her area, but doesn’t seem to be doing so in a particularly aggressive manner. Had ignored the kayak.

The she hits the bear with pepper spray, driving the bear towards the kayak which likely has some residual smell of food in it since she was on an expedition… it stinks for her but maybe she should have stuck with banging on a pot very loudly.



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Her voice made puss in my ears. Yelling and pleading may work with her parents or spouse but does not work with bears. Just glad no injuries were sustained. That bear could have easily charged and we would be watching a very different video. Best to take yourself out of harms way.

In the text she states the bear was attacking the kayak and broke off the kayakfest and approached her. She didn’t get that part on film.

In that case…
I suspect the bear had the scent of food from the kayak. In that case the only thing that might have worked would be to moor the boat offshore a ways, at least redeuce the interest for the bear. But when they really want something, they will tear apart anything to get at it.

A bear starts eating my only way back to civilization I give it a warning shot. Then shoot it. Yes I know I will be hated by the animal lovers here.Yes you can say were in its home, I say bullshit its not destroying my only way home.

it wasn’t eating the boat
I don’t think bears can digest composite.

Wow was that painful to listen to. Solo kayak trip in Alaska?

Maybe don’t embark on one until your survival instinct involves less filming for YouTube and miserably pleading with a bear like it’s a toddler.

Plus a quick Google search reveals that coastal black bears in Alaska are still very much out and about (heck I was in Alaska two years ago and saw this myself). Maybe research THAT a bit more before your solo journey as well.

…it’s thermo-form plastic, so maybe more appetizing…

Since this is still active…
Thoughts a few mornings later. If I am reading this correctly -

Once her boat was busted her only recourse was to make an unplanned swim out to a boat offshore to get rescued. I don’t know Alaska and this area, but was there some alternative that she could have had to call for help? I am thinking of what could have happened if she had fallen or otherwise physically injured herself - swimming out to find a boat may not have been an option.

Bears and other wildlife will trash anything to get at where they think there is food. Are there recommendations for things like bear cannisters on a trip like this, or specific suggestions about where to park a kayak or canoe to reduce this risk?

Just asking. It got well-covered here that waving a video camera at a bear is unlikely to impress. But I wonder how much of the damage was avoidable with the right precautions. I am assuming the bear was not, they live there.

Well I hope she carried a PLB which is used in case your injured. I have one of those. Or maybe a SPOT which is a satellite communication device. The latest ones you can send ANY text message, like my boat is destroyed but iam ok for a few days need pickup. Or a satellite phone but much more costly.

But Like I said if I was solo kayaking in Alaska I would have a gun. Bear spray is a one time use device which I would also have BUT use it to scare off bear once, then maybe same bear comes back later then what? Your bear spray is gone. So a gun is your best choice ALONG with bear spray. I would have shot a bear destroying my kayak. Iam not getting stranded alone in Alaska.

I’ve kayaked Alaska
and a bear canister is required in Federal areas. You never never never eat in your kayak. Never.

Bears are also curious and regard kayaks as toys… So we did not land where there were recent tracks. You will notice the bear is interested in the cockpit.

I never saw the bear literally eating the kayak but standing on it is not good for the boats health either.

And a gun even with rubber bullets is quite useful. We did have one. We also went with a guide as we do not understand ( being from the East) about the wildlife out there. Bear spray is not effective if the wind is blowing from the bears direction. And of course a PLB! I doubt she had one…

bear vs kayak

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This lady deserves more compassion and less ridicule. Don't plan on being rescued in SE Alaska. She had no way to communicate with the sailboat. Seeing bears is an every day occurrence. Sure she panicked. So would most people in her situation.

When you come back from your solo Alaska trip, then you will be qualified to review her video.

Everyday occurrence
Then you validated my point. If she had done more research before her solo journey, she would have been expecting to see bears at that time of year, not asking the bear why he wasn’t asleep! And I agree you need a gun. I’m the biggest bleeding heart there is but you don’t know WHAT you’ll come across alone in Alaska

And I have friends that are in the Coast Guard in SE Alaska and absolutely do rescues - IF she had equipment to call, but if she didn’t have that, an ESSENTIAL if paddling alone, then that’s again a reflection of poor planning.

No wonder she was solo. Can you imagine listening to that all day?? I was rooting for the “Bear”.


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when you publicly post a video of yourself, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of criticism. When you say "look at me!", you don't get to pick which part gets overlooked.