youth kayak

what would be a good kayak to start a 10 year old girl in?I am looking for something that would see her into her teens

Wilderness Systems Tsunami SP
probally the best bet.

Will outgrow the tsunami sp
Unless she has Peter Pan syndrome like the poster above. Look at a tsunami 135 by Wilderness systems, a small surf ski, Eddyline Merlin LT, Kajaksport Vivace, Seda Starlet or Ikkuma15 are a few to look at.

A Pamlico 140…
is a perfect boat choice for a 10 year old girl.

here it comes again!!
you make p-net a unfriendly place

Peter Pan Syndrome - get over it…
Steve (AKA Flatpick) has used the Tsunami SP in surf and he is almost 180lbs.

Unless the girl is over 5’10" or over that weight it will be fine. I can’t get my long legs in (6’2") or I would be using it at 185lbs as a playboat.

Excellent craft - just make sure you goop the bulkheads annually to ensure they stay waterproof.

Kid’s boats
The Tsunami SP is an excellent choice (and a really nice boat all around). The Perception Acadia Scout is a good one, too (my eight year old niece, a big girl, is in her third summer in one). If you can find one, the Wilderness Systems Piccolo is terrific. All of these depend on size, of course, but don’t make the boat too big. Most importantly, make it a fun experience in a low stress environment. It really isn’t about the boat, so much as it is about getting the child on the water. If one is available to you, a professionally taught class (for kids, without parents anywhere nearby) is a great thing to do before buying a boat. It will allow the child to have some of their own input into the boat choice, using the recent experience of the class. Good for you for putting a kid on the water!

WS Tsunami SP
As others have suggested the WS Tsunami SP would be an excellent choice. It will fairly easy for a beginner to handle safely, give her lots of room to grow her skills and expand her boundaries. From a physical size perspective unless she’s going to grow to be 6’ + she won’t out grow for quite a while.

If you can find somewhere for her to test paddle one before buying that would be the way to go…