youth paddles

Just a couple of questions on youth paddles. Do you size them just as you would an adult paddle? What I have seen after a search is BB Twig, Sawyer youth and Fox paddle. Any others out there? Would like to stay in the $20-40 range for price. Christmas presents for the kids. thanks


How old are they?

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I have a couple daughters that we take out with us in our 2 kayaks. They are 6 and 9 years old. When we bought the boats, I purchased 2 Cannon Cascade kayak paddles for them (around $60 ea, if I recall), 225cm long. These are for AIRE inflatable 2-person kayaks, thus the longer paddles (I use a 240cm).

Well, the paddles haven't seen much use so far. They are decent quality, made in the USA, but the paddle head size is smaller than mine and the aluminum shafts are a bit flexy for me, so I wouldn't recommend them for an adult. For the kids, they would be great, if they would use them.

Instead, we have had far better luck with giving them a couple 48" long Carlisle canoe paddles and they paddle away with those on one side only while my wife and I paddle from the back of each kayak with our kayak paddles. The kids are happier this way, and the kayak paddle isn't as unruly for them due to the shorter length. I am hoping as our 9-year-old gets close to being 10, she will take up the kayak paddle again and improve her technique (not good at this time), but right now I'm just happy they have fun in the boats.

The other key I have found to be useful for keeping the kids happy (at least in the summer time), is to invest in a couple small water squirters like the Stream Machine. They love those things. I'll mention going out for a paddle, and meet some resistance, and then I remind them that they can take their water cannons and the mood does a complete 180! They squirt rocks, logs, the water, and of course each other and their parents when it's warm enough.

EDIT: Just noticed that you're strictly looking for a canoe paddle anyway. I guess my long response maybe isn't too applicable, but maybe others will find some redeeming value to it.

my kids

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My kids are 5, 7, 9 and 13. We already have an acadia scout/sprite paddle that the 9yr (skinny) old fits very well. From the kids you can tell what gene pool they came from. I'm a large guy and my 7 year old daughter is already to big for the scout and my 5 year old weighs the same as the 9year old. A fellow canoeist just gave me an old town pack that my 5 year old can use. The kids paddle on a small shallow lake no moving water at this time unless the local river is really slow like in the report below

I have cedar strips and plan to build a couple of Wee Lassies for the kids over the winter. I just have to find a warm place to work.


Carlisle Owlet … youth beavertail …

I use the Carlisle 8" Beavertails and enjoy them much !!