YouTube -- 17 Paddles in IL and WI

Tom Lindblade shares video and info on 17 favorite paddles in IL and WI. Includes a couple of rarely paddled creeks in IL. Also some “unconventional” paddling – using a double blade to paddle a white water OC1 (see the Covel Creek video).

This is very generous of Tom Lindblade and his friends to share this with us. I’ll be adding several of these creeks and rivers to my creek to do list.

Whoa, nice! Thanks Gremmie!

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Tom Lindblade even sets it to music! These must have taken a slew of time and effort to make. I like them very much.

I relocated to the Chicago region (NW Indiana) about 1 1/2 years ago and had considered it a paddling wasteland. Nice to see that I actually don’t have to go too far to find decent water. I recently joined the Prairie State club and have seen some of these rivers on their trip schedule. Looking forward to spring when I can check some of them out.

Thank you Gremmie
for posting this and giving me a few new locations for Spring paddling. The only one that I have paddled is Nippersink Creek. It is very shallow in spots and you have to drag the boat over logjams. It is scenic, however, with vibrant hues of midwestern foliage.

The videos were well done with maps, music, and insightful narrative. Much thanks to Tom Lindblade if he ever views this site.

Enjoyed watching these. Too bad I don’t live closer.

We shou;ld try Big Bureau, bruce.

Thanks Gremmie. Great idea.

Nice Music
wonder if Antonio Vivaldi had a kayak in 1721?!

And the Mississippi!

As a mtter of fact he did, Kale.

Water Music?

Tom’s Video’s
The person paddling the whitewater canoe with the double blade in the Covel Creek video is Bob Tyler, author of “Canoeing Adventures In Northern Illinois: Apple River To Zuma Creek”. Tom is the one paddling the red Dagger canoe, and in some of the other videos is paddling a wooden canoe he built himself.