Yukon & Alaska Guided tours

Has any one been on any of the trips shown on this link? If so, what is your rating of the trip from 1 to 10?




What are you lookin to do…?
There are alot of rivers out there…?

Prefer Self Guided
Places to paddle instead of paying for guide service. Never been in that area, but want a Wilderness experince with out having to pay a leg and arm. Being I’m in south Georgia, gas alone will be the biggest cost. But we only pass this way once.

Paddling in Alaska
Not sure of your preference, but I was looking at doing a kayaking trip up there for a bit. A couple of places I’ve looked at are the Koyukyuk river in Gates of the Artic, you can paddle the North Fork into the Middle fork… Part of it is above the arctic circle!

Another option I was looking in is a fly in to Icy Bay east of Valdez in Wrangell St. Elias.

I love W-SE, my friend and I went on a fly in backcountry trip for 9 days instead of a kayak thing but the park is just awesome, very beautiful, very remote, and very much peaceful.

However, both those trips are probably pretty costly for good reason. Gates of the Arctic is fairly remote being still a nice travel north of Fairbanks, which means $$$ and Icy Bay is a fly in which means you need somebody to fly you there and back…

For a cheaper fair and not necessarily any worse, you might think of either SE alaska, Haines, Sitka, Skagway, etc. or perhaps SE of (los) Anchorage, there is Seward, which is a somewhat easy drive SE of Anchorage (I say somewhat easy meaning that it is not far from downtown Anchorage but in Tourist season, you will generally deal with big RVs, one lane highways, traffic. But then you’ll probably not be in a hurry cause the scenery and stuff on the way is fantastic… You’ll pass Girdwood and Alyeska and the turnagain Arm, Portage Glacier, etc. etc. Things to do! No rush, enjoy Alaska.

Anyway, I think Seward would be your cheapest DIY option as it’s close to Anchorage. In general, the closer you are to Anchorage, the cheaper it will be. You are correct that car rental in Alaska is expensive and gas also. But it is all worth it in my opinion… Having been there 3 years in the last 5, doing various things from bike touring to backpacking do day hikes. I want to go back again!


Well lets see…drive right into
Anchorage and get a map of Seward, AK or Prince William Sound around Whittier, Ak at the local REI and take yer pick…both are easily accessible just by driving…those trips would be ocean paddles or on yer way up the highway stop at Whitehores and put-in and do the Yukon River to Dawson City…then drive the Top Of The World Highway on in to Anchorage and do the Sounds…