Yukon Expedition

What SOT kayak is compatable to the Yukon Expedition? I love the Expedition as it carries lots of gear and my big butt, but am thinking a SOT would be better. Thanks.

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I wont be using it to fish, just to paddle down Class I and II’s, so it does not have to be an angler. Overnight mostly so needs to carry gear. Thanks.

But there are many wide stable SINKS similar to the Yukon.

You might look into a quality inflatable too: Innova Sunny

I am somewhat confused as to why would you wanna switch? Ok i’ve never paddled the Yukon but it’s on my wish list of boats i’d love to own but can’t justify(i got a touring 16 footer for going places and play,and an old river runner with a skeg for play ,short paddles and skills practice-the Yukon should be the best of both worlds except for the long flatwater paddles). From my experience with sots and sinks i dont see why would you even wanna replace the yukon with a sot? stable,lots of gear capacity and very tough plastic(noticably tougher than necky/Ocean Kayak plastic) and usually the SOT’s are a pain in the ass to carry alone(awkward to hold) vs the normal sink you just grab by the coaming and throw on your shoulder. A Necky Dolphin would be an OK replacement i suppose, but not meant for large people and plastic not as tough. otherwise would be decent. There is/was Perception Prism that should fit the profile but i know nothing about it other than it’s 14 ft long and has 2 full size hatches.

While I agree that there’s no real
reason to switch to a SOT from a SINK, the guys I know with SOT’s have no real problem loading their boats and carrying short distances to the water. These days, most SOT’s come with carry handles on the side that are pretty secure and make handling the boat fairly easy. Sometimes, I wish my OT Loon had them.

My Dolphin had the side carry handles too, and i carried the bloody thing for 2 blocks once,boat in one hand and paddle and stuff in backpack. You still can’t throw it over your shoulder(unless you make/buy straps that run through scupper holes with a shoulder strap) and the handles tend to crush your knuckles. i also got big ass hands so that makes the problem worse. my gf’s/family boat, the Prowler 15 doesn’t have handles,and is an awkward SOB of a boat to carry/load. something like a scrambler or a torrent would be easy because theyre short and light. hell my scrambler didnt have handles and was only 45 lbs so it was easy to carry.

other than the fact that…
it hauls a lot of gear & your big butt, could you tell us what else you like about your Yuke?

Do you do much flatwater in it?

Just curious, because I had one & never was able to learn how to paddle it on flatwater. Part of the problem was no rudder (every other one I ever saw had a rudder).

PLUS, I hated the loading/unloading (63lbs?) Gotta admit, Prijon does not stint on the plastic!

I think a lot of SOTS are heavy because more plastic (no cockpit = 2 solid layers of plastic).