Yukon/NWT Canoe Trips

Hi all,

I am planning to take a guided canoe trip this summer on one of the rivers in the Yukon or Northwest Territories, but I am overwhelmed by the number of outfitters and companies running trips. Does anyone have any suggestions as to reputable companies? For context, I am a 30-something woman who would be going on my own. I have experience with canoe trips, but not in the far north.

Any advice much appreciated, thank you.

Blackfeather…try them. Do many rivers, areas including the nahanni. Google.

Also post message in forums on Canadian Canoe Routes site.


You might consider Alex Hall

Kanoe People

– Last Updated: Apr-05-12 7:05 PM EST –

We've made extensive use of Kanoe People in Whitehorse on several Yukon trips over several years. For both the Yukon River Quest and Yukon 1000 races, KP are a tremendous help, not only as outfitters and advisors, but also in letting us use their facilities as a workshop base for extensive boat configuration and preparations.