Yukon River Quest 2008 race 700km

I am a 34 yr old New Zealander resident in Montreal Quebec. I would to team up with a strong paddler to enter the Yukon River Quest in June 2008. I am currently entered in the individual class but for speed reasons (I like to get there first!) and safety (I have no idea about my mental toughness after 12 hours. This take 40-50) would like to tandem with somebody if possible. Please check out yukonriverquest.com. Partner must be willing to pay half cost of a used boat to be sourced later and not turn into a prick while under stress!!! My gf and another will act as support crew. If interested please mail me at davidjoblin@yahoo.co.nz

Turning into a prick

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is a mental weakness that can be overcome with practice. Unfortunately you never know what that person will do until you go through it with them. It is an easily underestimated bysomeone who has never done a beyond the point of mental tiredness experience and you could be in for a bad experience. The stress will hit usually on hour 14 or 2 hours after the sun goes down.

Mental strength with be more important than physical strength. Practice staying up and doing anything all night and then don't go to bed until your regular time. Someone who needs 8 hours of sleep is not the ideal candidate. Someone who can continuously function on 6 hours of sleep or less will be the better choice.

Take Hersheys chocolate. On the 24 hour paddle I eat 2 pounds of Hershey's chocolate. Start eating it when you start feeling the mental fatigue which is around hour 12. The fatigue will reach a plateau around hour 14. Keep eating the chocolate. The sugar will keep you from reaching the edge. The mental stress will continue for about 4 hours. I consume the 2 pounds inthis 4 hour period. Then hunger will start, eat Fig Newtons and nuts or something with carbs to curb your appetite. Around hour 17 you will start hallucinating. You will see obstacles in the water that don't exist. Keep paddling. If you know these things will happen then you will expect them and they won't be a surprise. Snack, do not eat anything heavy. You can paddle more if you are a little hungry. If youeat too much you will tire. When daylight starts your energy will be rekindled and you will be a paddling bull.

I do a 24 - 26 1/2 hour paddle every year which has a 20 minute stop every 4 hours and the youngest ones are always the problem. Beware of the cocky gung-ho ones.

Mentally prepare yourself for this and you will out paddle the strongest paddler.

Good luck in your search

did you find a partner yet
If not it might be helpful if you posted your experience in paddling, wilderness races etc—probably would be more likly to attract people than the statement that you would prefer somebody who doesn’t turn into a prick.

check race web site for partners
There is a message forum on the race website with messages posted for potential people looking for partners.

I like the poster above who mentions being a prick. Well put in words.

I raced it in 2001 for 6th place. First race ever.

It wasnt as big a deal as i thought it would be. I did my fair share of hallucinating. I saw President Richard Nixon on shore in a tux holding a tin cup our for money.

I think eating every hour a little bit helps and make sure you put in the hours of paddling, that more importantat than staying awake especially if you want to place well.

I suggest having a good 200+ hours in a canoe before the race and preferable with the person you plan to paddle with. Makes a big difference if you dont have to scream and holler at each other if you already know how to click with one another.

I posted a detailed planning and logistics page on the race home page. Look for it, it may be in the links section. Let me know if you cant find it.