yup, kayak racks again

looking for a newer car but having trouble making dealers understand that factory racks are crap. looked at a Malibu Maxx liked it, but don’t know if the available racks are far enough apart to line up with the bulkheads on my Capehorn 150. I don’t want to be tieing the bow down to the bumper. Also looking at Toyota matrix (Pontiac Vibe), Mazda 5. Called the local kayak shop and it seems most only go 32 inches apart. I need 54"?

anyone know for sure?

open to suggestions too…

next step is taking whatever I buy to a custom shop to have short gutters installed.


Roof Rails
If you are not afraid of drilling into the roof, you can install roofrails or tracks, and go from there.


TP42, TP54 Top-Tracks

Tracker system (say, “43050 - Complete Tracker II System” )

factory roof rack
We have had no problem transporting two 18’ Necky Chathams using two sets of Riverside foam blocks on the factory roof rack of our Mazda Protege5.

I’ve even thrown an extra poly rec boat on top of the pile for shorter (under 10 mile) trips.

I do use front and rear safety lines.

Tie down your bow!
No matter what rack you buy. Most rack warranties are void if you don’t anyway.

good advise all around.

I’m not sure what the bar spread is on my Jetta, but it’s nowhere near 54" - probably around the 32" you’ve seen. No problems in thousands of miles… (and I’m a big proponent of tie-downs)