Z gear head strap leash

This is an odd but effective little item: a leash for your Gopro head strap.

Why would you need one? Well, imagine jumping to grab your Gopro when the head strap pops off (usually due to something pushing your hat around); you can’t just lurch for the falling camera or you are going to take a swim!

So this little leash is quite effective. It velcros onto the back of the head strap, another velcro look goes around your bicep, and a stretchy cord goes between over your back.

I’d bet there are other ways to do this. You could velcro the strap for the bicep around your PFD strap, for instance.

Hey, if you would buy a leash for your paddle, you might as well have a leash for your Gopro that costs mucho dollars…

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that was funny
I wonder if the head strap and tether are approaching the cost of a cheap helmet and stick-on camera mount.

For less than a buck
I cut 3 sections of pool noodle about 2 1/2inches long,and threaded the top head strap through the hole in the noodle sections so it will float if the head strap pops off.

That would be funny looking!

Anything worth doing with a GoPro should
… be worth doing with a helmet on in the first place !

looks like a yellow mohawk
I am at an age I don’t care so much how I look. Function trumps looks.