Zav Paddle Sanding

The Zav site and info tell me to wet sand the edge to maintain smooth sharp entry. Noticed my three year old has some nicks and rough spots.

Question: What grit sand paper? I would guess 220 or finer. Start with anything more coarse?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds good to me
as I need to smooth out my Mitchell too. But I plan on painting on a very thin bead of thickened epoxy after sanding.

So, yeah. I vote for 220.


You could
You could start with 60 grit if the nicks are big. Then work 120 to 220…

the edge or the shaft?
For the blade, maybe it’s not so particular.

I smooth the edge of the blade on the cement garage floor. If your garage floor is dirt, or really rough cement, then smooth asphalt works OK, too. Do it energetically, but carefully. Watch your angle. Like sharpening a big knife, only different.

On a new carbon canoe paddle, you may also want to sand the shaft, but very carefully and with a very fine grit. And only go up and down the length of the shaft. Breaks the suction when your hand slides up and down the shaft as you change sides. Kind of like structure on ski bases.

Fine grit’s good; too coarse and you’ll give yourself blisters when you paddle. (But no sanding could also mean blisters, and more awkward changes when your palms stick to the shaft.)

I think that’s pretty standard practice among racers; there may be more advice about this on the Z website.