ZAV paddles

I got one of the less pricey paddles I have bought the other day…A Zav Rec paddle that I opted for the plastic grip(huge mistake)and though it is a really nice paddle, the grip(which is my first plastic, my others are carbon) has a pisspoor seam from the mold. I’ve taken a straight edge razor blade to it and it’s better, but I’m really surprised at the less than stellar quality of the grip considering the excellent quality of their stuff. I bought the plastic grip on preveous discussions with other Zav owners and I am saying to you all…don’t go that way…

Made in China
There all made in China for the companies. Can but them direct for less than $100. The problem is shipping and having to buy in bulk.

I bought a straight shaft rec. model for a river paddle and opted for the plastic grip. Like with you, it turned out to be a mistake. The seam I can live with on mine but it’s noticeably smaller than the carbon grips on my other Zav paddles. Nowhere near as comfortable and doesn’t give as much control.

Oh well, live and learn.


Zav Paddle
I have 3 Zav Paddles. One of them is the rec with the plastic handle. They are all excellent paddles and my rec with the red plastic handle is exactly the same shape and contour as the more expensive ones. Mine has no ungainly seam and it is as comfortable as the more expensive carbon fiber ones but the paddle is heavier both because of the handle but more so because of the blade shape and construction. Perhaps I was lucky. All I can say is unless you are a racer there isn’t a lot of difference and my rec has been a very sturdy and a paddle that I have trusted on many long trips.