Zebco 606

Is the Zebco 606 a good reel? If I buy one how are they best maintained?

Get the Zebco 733 instead
The 733 is only a few dollars more at Basspro and it is well rated. Mine worked great for that type of reel. I used it for heavy fresh water and light saly water fishing. Maintenace is easy and explained in the manual.


Definitely go with
the ‘33’ series. The 202, 404, 606, 808 will not take the punishment . The are especially succeptable to rust and if you get any sand in it, forget it.

I use the 11, which is the smallest of the classic series and I have been very satisfied with the performance. Can’t beat them for the price.

Zebco Reels
If you want the best spin-cast made, go with the Zebco Omega…built like a swiss watch, is very good looking and comes in two sizes. Professional grade in every way. Costs about 50 bucks, but should last a lifetime. Has more robust internal construction than the Abu-Matic which is nearly the same price.