Zegul 520 LV sea kayak thoughts?

What’s everyone thought on the Zegul 520 sea kayak? There is not much review on it. Is it a solid quality kayak? Is it too tippy? I still consider myself on the beginner/intermediate level and still need to learn to roll. I been using the Necky Chatham 18 (carbon) which I thought was tippy on initial stability, but I got used to it after a few use. There were some references to the Zegul 520 being not good in open waters or long trips but I don’t see why. I’m a short paddler at 5’4 and about 155lbs. I have not tried it yet but on paper it looks like it would be a great fit for my size and also a great boat to learn rolls in.

These were probably the best 2 sources that had some good details.


Zegul 520 Sea Kayak | Review | Adventure Kayak | Rapid Media - YouTube

when i googled it tons and tons of things came up about it.

Why this particular boat? Do you have a lead on a good, used one? What would you use the boat for? Some ‘play’ oriented boats tour quite well, though I don’t know about this one. It probably wouldn’t be ‘my’ choice for a one-and-only boat but I’d take it for a test-spin and consider it for a day/play boat.

I have a Tahe (parent company of Zegul) fiberglass kayak and have no complaints about the quality of the boat/hardware/accessories.

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I would use it for daily workouts ~10 miles and some medium tours of 20-23 miles max for the foreseeable future. I want to learn to roll as well, and it looks like a terrific rolling boat. I don’t need large volume / cargo space. I’m a short person and the low volume fits me better.

I was attracted to it because of its edging ability. I had the opportunity of an extended borrow of Necky Chatham 18 carbon and I loved how it easy it to edge aggressively and go very fast also. The Chatham was very tippy initially but I got used to it quickly. I returned the Chatham back to its owner.

I do like speed but I’m not looking to win any races so as long as it its not a turtle, I’ll be happy with it. My only concern will it be too tippy hindering my learning. I’m working my way towards ACA level 3 certification. Getting better with a lot of various skillsets associated and want a boat that helps with the learning and confidence in bumpy waters.

My other prior boats included the Boreal Design Alvik 17ft and Current Design Solstice GTS which are great for what they are but they’re not fun edging boats.

I’ve found this gentleman’s reviews/insights valuable over the years, and he packs a lot of thought about the 520 into this short piece. Something worthy of note is that he mentions the 520 feels like it has less initial stability than the Tahe Greenland, and another tester found the stability less than he did (likely due to paddler weight, which may be a consideration for you).

If you have a Zegul/Tahe dealer close, I’d suggest you try the Arrow Play LV. My wife has the MV version and it is an excellent boat.

Solstice should be easy to edge.

vee bottom on a hull made for speed?

not hard to edge a Solstice GTS plenty of people your size do it.

You may not like a rounded chine?

Solstice is horrible at edging compared to Necky Chatham18 with a 20” beam width and a more v shaped hull. It may be bc I am a smaller paddler in a gigantic cavernous solstice. Solstice can edge but not as elegant. I went back to using the Solstice this week and don’t like it at all. It’s just sized incorrectly for me. I am sure a bigger person can make Solstice edge better

It’s not hard to edge the Solstice. It’s just not as smooth and responsive compared to the Chatham. Not saying it’s a terrible edger or boat.

Necky Chatham 18 carbon here of me putting it on its edge. I can do the same on the Solstice but it’s not as responsive.

nobody will be Derek Hutchinson in a year.


it’s the paddler’s skill and 5% hull.

Anyhow, likely I won’t be getting the Zegul 520 b/c the seller found another buyer. I guess its for the better since most of the reviews all pointed this boat being very tippy. All the reviewers that said it was tippy. So for experienced folks to state it being tippy, guessing its tippy then. I was on the “edge” about buying this untested and about its tippiness. That wouldn’t be great for long trips of 20+ miles.

Plenty of time, plenty of kayaks to chose from, don’t panic. See what’s around then try them or read reviews. If you to go fast and straight it’s one hull, if you want to go in surf it’s another. I guess most all excel at one thing better than other things they do. What’s most important if you want one hull, what’s second and on and on. Otherwise you need a few hulls for different tasks. You have some to use now so you can still be out there. I think the kayak market is getting soft like the bicycle market for pricing.

Agreed. Several overpriced (IMO) kayaks have been on the local b-boards since July 4 or longer. I think most would have sold quickly last summer.

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Don’t know where you are located, but this boat fits what you described:

And this one. Looks like an “Artic Hawk” (or modified version thereof), but sporting more volume than a dayboat for someone your size:

Artic Hawk designer statement: Hawk by Superior Kayaks ~ SeaKayaker.org

Good luck on your search. It’s easier than it used to be but still challenging to find a good fitting performance kayak for a smaller paddler.


Thank you!! I like the Rebel kayak above. Its a bit far b/c I’m on Long Island (NY). I went ahead to message the guy to see if by luck he’s traveling in the next few weeks and can meetup.

Right now I’m eyeing a new Zegul Greenland GT but a little uncertainty if its too large of a boat for me. Most of my kayaks have been too large for me. The Necky Chatham 18 so far seems to have fit me the best but it was a bit tippy.

If you’re on Long Island there are lots of paddlers near and I’m guessing paddling clubs. My approach would be to join and befriend fellow kayakers, who will likely let you try out their gear. That’s a great way to see what fits you well and what you like. In fact, if you ever come up to the Hudson River Valley, I’d be happy to let you try out my Tahe Greenland (one step smaller than the GT) on the Hudson.

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