Zegul Arrow Play Kayaks?

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Does anyone have any personal use/knowledge on this boat and any knowledge on the quality and durability of their two better layups being the "Hardcore Layup" (Kevlar Glass) and the 3-D Layup (Carbon,Kevlar & Glass)

Dropping Quality
I had an older Tahe Seaspirit until just recently. I owned it about 3 years and the quality seemed good. Heavy but good.

I also was thinking about buying a Zegul Plav MV.

Then I came across this blog and it made me change my mind.


I Read That

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That boat in that review was built with their straight polyester/fiberglass layup. Frontenac Outfitters in Canada have been bringing in the new layups .... particularly the new 3-D Carbon/Kevlar/Glass epoxy infusion layups and supposedly been having good luck with theirs. Big concern for me on that layup is its abrasion toughness to the rocky shorelines around here and haven't heard anything about their Kevlar layups. The Arrow Play is similar to Current Designs new Prana, but Frontenac thinks you get a better boat/layup and price with Zegul as the Prana is offered in just a Polyester/Glass layup or a lite Kevlar layup that lacks a little on the toughness side to keep the weight down.