Zephyr 15 question

Ok, I’m suitably impressed by all the favorable impressions of this boat. I’m thinking it may be a good move up for my 11 year old from her Acadia Scout 10. Any idea what the MSRP will be, and what I can reasonably expect to actually pay? She is 5’2" 110# very fit. Will this be a good boat for her to learn to roll? What are the minimum/maximum loads recommended? When can I expect to see one for sale in NY (Adirondack or Central NY)?Thanks for any input!

well now…
MSRP is $1400

15’ 5" long x 22.5 beam. weight capacity is around 275 lb. (conservative)

EZ boat to learn to roll

she would fit better in a Tempest 165. The Zephyr is a bigger cockpit and fit BUT is very adjustable. I fit in it well (5’10 175lb)

Mountain Man should have a 155 soon. They had 1 160 this past weekend. Other dealers hould be seeing them delivered soon!