Zephyr 155 - anyone it in the DC area?

If you are in the MD/VA/DC/DE area and have the Z155 (plastic, preferably), would you let me sit or even better, paddle your boat? I can’t find a retailer that has them in stock and no one I know paddles one… Thanks!

got one in SC
columbia SC. You are more than welcome to paddle it but it is a ways from you.

Yup-too far just to try
The closest I’ve found is in NJ and that is not too bad but still a bit of a drive…

How About NC?

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I rented one from Get Outdoors in Greensboro last year. If I'm free I'll take you on a tour of the local lake.

Hey, if I'm free you could also try my 165 with the seat moved way back.

Thanks for the offer

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I decided to just go for it and buy the specific Z 155 I've been eyeing for some time. Based on the posts here I think I should fit in it no worse than in the T165 and that it should work well for what I want it for.

If it does not work well enough I'll sell it. It is a 2010 demo boat at reasonably low price so resale should be easy and at little loss...

Now just got to find a day to drive there and pick it up.

I Bet You Fit Just Fine
I’d have one myself but I found that it was too similar to my 165.

They look like nice boats, so I’m sure you will enjoy.

You think so?
I found the Z160 and the T165 different enough to pick the Z over the T for my main intended use, but I had not paddled either enough to be sure. I can see where the T has its advantages too.

Will see how the 155 feels to me. Main use will be for river paddling in rapids so the extra maneuverability and stability is a plus.

Just Shopping Around
I’m shopping around for a ‘turnier’ boat to add to the fleet. Zephyr didn’t quite do it. I want turnier.

I’m sure if it was 20lb
lighter it would feel even more lively -:wink: Surprising what some weight loss does to a boat on the water in terms of feel…


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I hope I will like it. I tend to like shorter and maneuverable boats for most of my "sea" kayaking. I got a long skinny one (for sale on eBay and here) and had another long skinny one before that: these are really great for going fast but that's about all they are good for. But I don't do many races or straight-line paddles where speed is important. Plus my garage ceiling fits only so many boats hanging from it, regrettably... -;(

I am seriously considering to get both the Z155 and a T165 next week due to the excellent price on the demo Ts from the same outfitter. Both together would cost exactly as much as one of them new at regular price... That would allow me to paddle both kayaks at my pace for a while to figure out which one works better for me. Then sell one.

Kudzu is quite right - they are more similar than different, so owning both in the long haul would be an overkill for me. Since I'm after an inexpensive "turny" rough water plastic boat that is not a total pig on flat, I suspect the Z will fit the bill a little better than the T. But one only finds out if a boat fits him/her after some length of ownership so I might change my mind -;).

if you decide to sell the Z
let me know first :slight_smile:

Will keep it in mind
I have not even seen a photo of the boat yet, just assuming it is in acceptable one season of use condition. Hope it turns out this way. Looks like with luck I will be picking it up on Monday…

one of each is the WAY to go! that way you can have your cake and eat it too!



though it appears that if I get one of each there will not be much $$$ for cake -:wink:

Regardless of which one I pick now, if there ever is a second “sea kayak” in my stable, it will be of the fast-ish variety or a very light-weight one, preferable both.