Zephyr Cruising Speed vs. Tsunami

I know the Z 15.5 is a bit longer and narrower, but will the rocker make it slower than a Tsunami 140? My average speed in the 140 is about 4 knots on flat water. How will the Z 15.5 compare? I will get to try one out in a few weeks, but Im curious. Thanks!

Depends on color
If Zephyr is red, definitely faster.

doubt there’s much difference
I own the bigger Zephyr, and paddle with a guy who uses a 145 Tsunami, and have paddled a 145 in classes. To me, cruising speed is something you can maintain for a decent period of time, not top speed or sprint speed. I don’t see much difference between the effort required at 3-4 kn speeds. YMMV

not much
and it’s not rocker that matters, it’s waterline length. rocker with WL produces speed, less wetted surface.

either boat will take similar effort to maintain ‘cruising’ speeds. The Z will be a bit faster, theoretically.


Thats what I was looking for
Thanks Steve! BTW, the Z is a beauty!