zephyr & zephyr pro differences?

Other than construction what are the differences between the two models? From the pictures that I’ve seen the pro has a backband like the Tempest but the poly version has a seatback like a Tsunami?

the pictures are wrong, a computer generated version shows the Ts backrest, NOT featured on the Z.

One thing WS does is create boats that are quite similar, if not exactly the same, in different materials. You’ll find the Pro paddles, looks and acts, pretty much the same as the roto version.


"You’ll find the Pro paddles, looks and acts, pretty much the same as the roto version"…

which paddles, looks and acts awfully darn good.

Question…website lists the bow and dayhatch as Kayak Sport but the photos for both glass and poly show Wildy hatches except for the stern hatch. Same as the demo I used this weekend. Which is it for production boats?


roto- day and forward is WS hatch. stern is KS

pro- all KS


on the roto
are the day and forward sizes compatable with KS, so if one wanted to go the extra mile and swap them out for aesthetics they could?

I wish it was THAT EZ!


Flatpick, could you explain the logic behind mixing and matching the hatch manufacturer? It seems counter productive on several fronts. Notably the extra costs that would seem to be incurred by using 2 sources (less volume due to splitting the order between 2 sources usually equals higher cost). The need for 2 different hatches as opposed to twice as many of the same hatch. I’m puzzled.

For what it’s worth…
…all three hatches were dry after the boat was upside down numerous times. Surprised me but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

they only get 2/3 the complaints

well now…
the oval stern gives us the most grief. we deal with KS anyway so supply is no biggie.

there’s some changes to the hatch system in the works.


Uhg . . .
Everybody knows that the original Tempest hatches are cause for so many complaints. I get it that the roto Tempest probably has to keep them because of the molds, but to not put KS on all on a new boat makes no sense. I smell an accountant in here somewhere. It can’t be totally cost, others like CD and the Scirocco use KS throughout. You could have probably used the same covers they use, they are really close in size.

More hatch news coming? Please Stevo, stop the pain . . .