Zip Loc bags

Zip Loc has new vacuum bags, the starter kit cimes with a pump and several quart bags, there is also gallon bags. Seems to work really well, you insert whatever in the bag,seal it then place the hand pump

over a blue ring on the bag and pump the air out.

I got mine at Piggly Wiggly and also saw them at Wally-world, I assume that all the major stores have, or will have them. I have been using a 110 v vacuum sealer, but this thing is portable so I can take it on trips with me too.

That’s news I can use. Thanks.

I’ve used them…
…and they’re not very durable. The seal gives out after you’ve opened the bag a few times and air leaks back in after you pump it out. For single-use, they would be great.

You can
get almost the same effect by zipping the bag all way up to a straw you have stuck in the corner - suck air through straw - quickly zip. Or even use your mouth.

Of course if using for freezing at home to protect meat and veggies etc. it does work best with the pump or a real vacuum machine.

Other vaccum bag method:

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I've recently used the heavy duty vacuum seal bags used for travel to Europe. They are basically very tough ziplock bags that have a thick puncture resistant cellophane material. You put your clothes in, close up the dual zippers almost all the way, and then "roll" up the back end to squeeze the air out like a toothpaste tube. Much easier than sucking air out with a straw and no pump mechanism needed. I was able to pack way more clothes into my suitcase. I used the same bags for camping in my ultra low volume Necky Chatham just in front of the foot braces. Water sloshing around the cockpit didn't get my clothes wet at all...