zipper front touring skirts

Just curious if this is a big advantage to be able to unzip your spray skirt without taking it off the coaming? Not particularly useful if you keep your PFD zippered I guess.

Zippers and salt water don’t mix. Keep it lubricated or else. Vaughn Fulton


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So we should get rid of our high end …
PFD’s because they have zippers?



Where do you keep your water and whatever else you need as you are paddling?

Zippered Spray Skirts
My OT Adventure XL 139 has a zippered spray skirt and I am thankful that it is. The cockpit is so large I’d probably spent half the morning trying to get it on. As it is I can put the skirt on shore side and step in, zip up and paddle. The reverse is true when I want out at a break or the end.

Never had to lube either the zipper on the skirt or my PFD.

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