Zippered neo skirt?

I need a serious skirt to replace my nylon deck. Last summer I paddled with a guy who had a zippered neoprene version, but like a dummy I didn’t take note of the mfgr. He raved about how great it was in warmer conditions, when he could simply open the zip enough to cool off but it would still function as a half-skirt for paddle drips and the occasional slop. Since I am prone to instant nausea if I overheat (dunno why) this seems ideal for me. I’ve searched the archives and checked out every manufacturer I could think of, nada. Anyone know who makes these??

I believe Brooks is the manufacturer.
If that doesn’t turn up what you want, try the old Bushsport name.

That’s it, ouch.
Thanks G2, that’s the one alright. Had a heckuva time finding their website, and when I did…$299 cdn + 15% tax + shipping = darn near 400 bucks. Too rich for me. Guess I’ll look clser at the Seals Ultimate Tour neo/breathable skirt.

Ouch indeed but brooks does it right
Good waterproof zippers are never cheap. Nice way to avoid entrapment.

don’t forget the exchange rate
Don’t forget the exchange rate, which unfortunately at the moment isn’t all that great but they shouldn’t be $400 US each.

Brooks is just a few miles north of me in north Vancouver, B.C. and at the time I bought the two zippered sprayskirts from them that you’re looking for, the rate was very good–I got them for under $200 US. A true waterproof zipper adds a great deal of cost to a product. I’ve got two of the small sizes for the ocean cockpits on my VCP Aleut Sea II and have had no complaints with them in 4 years + of use except for the fact that they do not have a sewn bungee which creates extra bulk and can create problems getting the skirt on a coaming as it does in the boat in question a bit.

The zipper seams like a great idea and is why I got them, however, in practice I rarely use them and would not purchase another zippered sprayskirt as it has not been worth the extra cost to me. The problem is that you generaly wear the skirt under your PFD, which makes the single zipper slider unavailable unless you unfasten your PFD or wear the skirt outside of your PFD. So stuff in your cockpit does not become magically available because you have a sprayskirt with a zipper–something I had not fully thought through 4 years ago. On a hot day in calmer conditions, it is nice to keep the skirt unzipped for ventilation, but the same effect can be achieved by wearing but not attaching a “regular” sprayskirt.

I seen you’re in CA and not the US…so much for the exchange rate. Good luck. You might look for a skirt with a sewn bungee.