Zoar Sport by Necky

Please, I am looking for new opinions (pros and cons) about the Zoar Sport kayak by Necky.

Thank you very much!!!

seats need work
as the owner of 3 Necky kayaks I can assure the

“perfect seat” they advertise is not. They are made to adjust up and down but never stay where you put them so I’ve riveted them in the position I want. Then I started buying Liquid Logic and Wilderness Systems and found real seats that are really “perfect”.

Jes my opinion

Unless you are pretty big , you will
rattle around in it. I am big and felt like I rattled around in my Zoar’s cockpit, which is the same as the Zoar sport I think.

I’m pretty big and used one on a
trip to Baja California last Spring. I found it to be the most uncomfortable boat I’ve ever paddled. My legs were killing me after about 30 minutes in it. I tried using rolled up towels or an inflated dry bag under my legs and nothing worked great, they just postponed the pain.

The boat doesn’t track all that well and is a bitch to paddle for any distance. I much prefer my Nigel Foster Shadow or CD Gulfstream