Zoar Sport for a Big Paddler?

I’m looking for my first kayak. A friend of a friend has a Zoar Sport that he’s looking to sell, but it’s a bit of a haul to go look at. Necky doesn’t list any capacities for their boats, and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with it to help decide whether or not I should make the trip.

FWIW, I’m 6’4/290/size 13 shoes, and am looking to get out on some local lakes and slow rivers to start with.



At 225# I’m pushing the limit on my
14’ 6" Necky Looksha Sport. In your case I recommend getting a somewhat longer boat with a higher rated capacity.

The Zoar has a large cockpit.At 6’5",
235 lbs,it was too big for me.

The cockpit, or the boat? Cockpits
can be modified so the thigh braces reach the target.

Try a Necky Eskia
I am not as big as you, but I have one and it fits me well with extra room. Supposedly it is marketed for size 13 feet.

even bigger
I have you by about 100lbs and I just took my brand new advanced elements straightedge 2 out last night for the first paddle. She is an inflatable and she is a good choice for what i want to do.

max cap…
…for a Zoar sport, according to 1 website is 275#.

Thanks all
Sounds like the consensus is that it’s likely not a good fit. Probably not worth the drive. I’ll just stick with my local outfitters and go try the Tsunami 145 and a couple of others that I was already planning to paddle.

Thanks again.


Fits Big People Well
This model is our go-to boat for big folks on our kayak tours. It’s not my favorite boat, since use of the rudder is really needed in winds. That said, it has the capacity for someone of your size.

Check the seat attachment bolts to make sure they have not broken through the hull beside the coaming where they attach. I’ve had a heavy person really plop down in the seat and break those loose. I think the seat may need some foam support under it to prevent that.

Good luck - Alan

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