Zoik AlterEgo II vs. Innova Sunny

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Im getting one of these inflatable kayaks for my mom for christmas, but I cant decide if the Innova is worth the extra $300 over the Zoik. THe kayak will mostly be used in ocean bays, maybe a few lakes or non fast flowing rivers. I assume the Zoik will be more than enough, but I also want it to be fairly easy to paddle for her. Any thoughts? Thanks

Never heard of the Zoik before but it’s a neat looking kayak. Personally I would still recommend the Sunny (but then again I’m biased towards it) mostly because of ease of setup, drying, and only 30lbs means easy to get down to the water.

Innova Sunny vs. Zoik
You asked about the differences between the Innova Sunny and the Zoik that justifies the price difference. There are three main points:

  1. The Sunny is 8 inches narrower than the Zoic double. This means that the paddling ergonomics are much better in the Sunny; the Innova will paddle like a normal kayak with a normal length paddle and be faster and be much less affected in wind. This is particularly important for women paddlers.
  2. The Innova is made of a much more durable and environmentally friendlier rubber-coated fabric, whereas the Zoic is PVC.
  3. The Sunny comes packed in a drybag/backpack that is small enough to fit in an overhead bin and setup in less then 10 minutes. The Zoic is more bulky because of its larger tube diameter and seats.

    Please let me know if you have other questions.

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    Innova Kayak

used a Saturn inflatable in Mexico surf/rivers and they have been flawless! Probably not as fast to paddle as the Sunny, but the tandem is super stable, made with high quality materials and workmanship including the valves, light for it’s size, and half the price of the Sunny. I am really impressed by the durability of these kayaks…big ocean waves have slammed me into rough sand/rocks and have hit/snagged submerged tree limbs in rivers and they barely scuff the material…my choice for certain after using one for a year.


also the helios II
thanks for the replies, I didnt realize I could also get the Helios II for $145 less. I do like how the sunny would be a better kayak if it were just one person, and the seats seem nicer. I also like the tracking fin the sunny has. My main concern is which one keeps you the driest. Any more thoughts comparing these two models?

Thanks again

Another boat, and a great store/ expert!
Here’s another option, less costly but less tough … but maybe tough enough for years?


I have found Lee there at The Boat People to be an EXCELLENT advisor when it comes to high-quality inflatable boats. I bought an Innova Junior there a while back, have gotten great advice/info/insights about touring models and whitewater ones, and my mom’s boyfriend, a small plane pilot looking to travel light, might get a Sunny there.

Note that they have a package deal with good paddles/pump for only a bit more than the boat itself :slight_smile:

Zoik and Saturns are wider, bulkier, heavier boats and not as sleek and fast as the Sunny, which I think is Lee’s best seller.

ordered the sunny tonight! Thanks everyone, it sounds like it’ll be perfect for her :slight_smile: