Zoik IKs

Hey guys, I am new to the site and fairly new to IKing, looks like I have a lot to learn. I just bought a used Aire Lynx II and am really stoked. I am looking for an affordable tandem IK to recommend to 2 of my friends interested in joining me in the sport. They are both looking to spend around $500, used is fine if it is the right boat. I found Zoik RF Tandem IK for $650. Since it is a fairly new brand, I cant seem to find much in the way of reviews. I am interested to getting yall’s thoughts on performance, durability, manufacturing differences, etc. How would this boat compare with the different Aire models (Tomcat, Strike, and Lynx?). The Zoik 5 year warranty sounds good vs 1, 5, and 10 years for the Aire Models. Does anyone have experience dealing with a waranty issue with Zoik? We plan on taking both day and multiday river trips with class II/III rapids, maybe eventually build up to class IV stuff. We are also thinking tandem over solo so we can take partners on day trips and have plenty of room for gear on longer floats. Thanks for any help, take care.


Have paddled hard boats for some time but just purchased my first IK…a Zoik RF Solo. Bought it because of specs, price, and the reviews that I read. I was looking at the Lynx too but just couldn’t justify forking out a thousand bucks plus at this point. I paddle 35-40 days a year (class II…occasional III) and will still primarily be a hard boater. Figured the IK would be a stable boat to up my game a little. Spec wise…the RF Solo seems to be between the Lynx and the Outfitter. I have not had a chance to get it on the river yet but will report back when I do. Look forward to hearing additional IK feedback.