Zone SOT

-- Last Updated: Jun-11-09 9:11 AM EST --

I was wondering , has anyone tried the new
Current Designs " Zone SOT" ? Its a fiberglass
SOT with a hull similar to the Solstice GT.
It does cost a lot but looks nice .

Excellent Review of the Zone
By Tom of Topkayaker. Very knowledgeable when it comes to SOT’s. I’d love to try one, but I’m not willing to drive too far to do it.

Not much of a review IMO
More like a quick flat water demo and Tom pretty much says so. Puts it in line with many of the beginner pond reviews posted here. His being knowledgeable wasn’t really even brought into play.

Tippier and more ski-like? Well being ski-like assumes people have paddled a ski and can reference just what that really means, and faster than a wider tupper boat we can glean that from the specs.

He assumes an easier remount than his Heritage, but for anyone who hasn’t been on them the Heritage kayaks are higher sided and higher seat than many SOT so not the easiest of that bunch to begin with. Not much of a stretch to think the Zone might be better. If he’d done it vs speculating, and then said it was easier to remount than say a Tarpon 160 - it would be saying something.

No waves, no wind (despite his claims - check the photos), no speed/distance, etc. Says hard top turn but that rudder seems good…

I like Tom and Athena’s site and there is a lot of other good stuff there, I’m just not really getting anything from that review.