Zoom Meeting re Maine Coast Recovery

Requires being a member of the Island Institute. And today Jan 16 at 10am so if anyone has a life like me probably too short a notice. But I suspect there will be more of these events going forward for anyone who is interested.

Downeast took a beating in these recent storms…


Yeah - I only caught some of the stuff from Bold Coast yesterday. Just too much damage to report all at once. Including that some fishermen lost their boats. Awful.

Boston wasn’t exactly spared. This was two blocks from my office:

First time that I recall of this area getting flooded was in the Blizzard of '78. Now, this is a pretty common occurence when storms coincide with king tides.


My small city tends to be pretty good about opening up parking lots further from the Hudson River when it looks like we will hit the higher end of the flood gauges. Point in this article is well taken, it isn’t just for snow storms any more. Especially since the effect of salt water getting to a hybrid car battery and drying out is a different problem than water in gas engines.

It stinks for property owners in Boston, and parts of NY and areas of NJ who thought they did not have to worry. And all down the eastern coastline. But long term the only practical solution is going to be to push housing further away from the water, increase park size.

(in response to GBH Boston’s Sub-Headline Lead)

Perhaps what you need are floating docks,
to mitigate tide rising shocks,
and jetski rodeo team ropin’ free-range lawn chairs,
that float those harbormasters with their incredulous stares.