ZRE OR paddle for MR 340

I am thinking of getting a ZRE Outrigger paddler for the MR340 in 2010. It’s going to be powering my Sea Wind.

Any reason this is going to be too much paddle? I like my Powersurge, and will also take that, but think I could use some more surface area under the water.

Not much of a racer, but…

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I've only competed in 4 races in the northern Ohio area and did very well in 3 of them (1 3rd, 2 2nds, 1 totally humiliating and embaressing last by 12 minutes after the 2nd last finisher). I got ahold of a carbon J203 this past summer and thought I could compete with the big guys so I entered the Ohio championships held in Aug. I brought my OR thinking that with such a light boat, I'd do well with a bigger blade. NOBODY used a OR but me and about a 1/3 into the race, as I was falling farther and farther behind, I switched to a regualr Zav, my stroke cadence picked up measureably, It was way too late to help my embaressing and humiliateing last place finish, but I don't think it will be part of my strategy this next season. I know it wasn't just the paddle... it was REAL competition that I hadn't experienced before. My other 3 races were local events with very little real raceing emphasis, more geared to the locals just participating. The Ohio Championships were all hard core racers..I'm gonna gear my winter workouts for the better competition with a Concept II and Nordik Track that my son left me....hope to have a better showing....maybe only 10 minutes behind...I realize that the 340 is an ultra marathon so my input might have nothing to do with what you might need or use...

no, it’s still good info
been thinking about getting a J203 myself for racing too…you sit and switch in it, or J-stroke? Hows the tracking?

Smaller Zav
For racing, especially these distances, go with the smaller blade, no more than an 8" width, and use sit and Switch type paddling, forgot about the J stroke for racing, you don’t need it for this type of paddling.

Also, Zaveral has an option of a flex shaft. It gives just a little bit of flex and for doing those long miles, it is far easier upon your body. For long distance paddling and races such a the Yukon River Quest (740 kilometers), it is all

I use.

Cheers… Joe O’


I’ll be paddling a Sea Wind, they are ruddered so no need to switch

Still need to switch
Switching is not to just steer, it is also more efficient energy wise. In 2004 I paddled a Clipper Sea 1 across Canada, the Kruger is a similar design, similar sized canoe. Both decked, both with rudders. It was sit and switch all the way for e, rudder or not.

If you try a race like that paddling on one side, you’ll soon be at the back.

Get a good light paddle, train lots and have a great race!

Cheers…Joe O’


With a rudder you just don’t have to do it constantly.

I wasn’t implying I was going to paddle 340 miles using only one side.

I typically switch about every 15-20 minutes, sometimes about once an hour if it feels right.

i paddle a zre surge with my sea wind too.

outrigger paddling if you’ve never done it…is a slow stroke compared to marathon paddling. i think you would wear yourself out. go with the faster cadense paddle

smaller and faster seems to be the theme here. I just had to get some feedback before I order a $275 paddle I can’t use.

Flex Shaft
Don’t forget to order the flex shaft. For those kinds of miles, it will be far easier on the body.

It’s what I’ll be using up in the Yukon.

Good luck with your race!

Cheers…Joe O’


sit & switch…At about 18 ft. and NO rocker, it goes pretty straight. I really don’t have much time in it though…

Take it for a spare, but don’t use it

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it will kill you in a a long race.
I have both, and played around a few weeks ago on a lake with the smaller blade and the OR.
With the OR I could go faster with the same cadence, but after a couple of miles I definately knew that I would never complete a long race using it.
I am only going to use it on races less than 10 miles and ones on small twisty rivers where a bunch of ruddering is needed.
I just completed the Suwannee river 52 miler last Saturday, and took it as a spare, and it never left the bottom of the boat.
Try it out, and you will probably see what I mean.