Zyflex clothing/skirts

I finally got my Christman order for some gear from Zyflex, cold weather jacket for $49 (not paddling gear) but the real deals are the balaclava ($12) and the skirt ($59, sleeveless). Gear snobs may look down on the skirts because they are so simple and WHITE but I gots to tell you that wearing a fabric skirt OVER your pfd actually works much better than under the skirt. Can you say tuliq? And for hot weather they’re dynamite. I was able to see a fellow wearing a white over pfd Zyflex skirt better than the yellow decked kayak he was in just becuase the skirt come higher up out of the waves.

Good values,don’t be in a hurry for your order.

Good reviews
A couple of my Greenland leaning instructors love using the Zyflex with thier skin on frames. Interesting feel to the material. They seem to love it. Be interesting to hear from someone that plays in the surf with it.

See you on the water,



Patiently waiting
For their tuiliq to come out, so I can wear one in warmer weather than my neoprene Brooks tuiliq will allow. It should also fit over the arms of a drysuit better, too.

Supposed to be on the market late spring/eraly summer last I heard.


is the the same as the Chillcheater stuff?


Here is the link …

no idea but from what I’ve experienced it actually seals better at the coaming than the old SnapDragon with the nylon tube over the bungie with regards to leaning to the waters edge. Not better than an all neoprene but there are some neoprene decks that still leak. For all the attempts to make fabric skirts work(imposion bars,sticky edges) but still go under the pfd it solves a lot of problems with water puddling in ones lap to have it go over as it’ll lever puddle. I wonder if having the skirt go over the pfd reduces the impact of a wave compared to a flat deck sprung between waist and coaming? I’ve seen a year old one still be waterproof when worn under the pfd with a gallon of water in ones lap. I’ve seen year old coated nylon ones leak through. But for $39 it’s like having a cheap spare paddle,it works on a lot of coamings and people. I had an old aquaterra/perception adjustable neoprene skirt that served the purpose of fitting all people and all boats but haven’t seen one lateley. This one works for that.

It’s a funny material,I’m wondering if it’s being introduced at a low cost to the market like Whetstone paddles,still I figure any survival item like a hood for under $15 is worth getting.

Yakjak Winter vs. Zflex Tuiliq

What is the difference between their Yakjak Winter model: (http://www.zyflex.com/store/productDetail.asp?id=125&cID=8&sID=21 )

and their planned Tuiliq?

Thanks, Interesting…
Always trying to find good winter gear. I’ll take a shot at it.


That Jacket Looks More
like a cag rather than a tuiliq. Doesn’t have waterproof sealing around face and wrists. If they make a tuiliq, I’d be interested.


not perfect
but as long as the price is low it’ll get into use for feedback. For me the difference between a “do all” skirt for $39 and the huge range of gucci goretex skirts or neoprene skirts for $75-$150 makes it a worthwhile spare/hot weather skirt. For my skinny wrists I haven’t found anything besides latex wrist gaskets that work to keep water out.

The tuiliq pattern will be more along traditional Greenlandic lines, rather than a cag, which the yakjak more closely resembles.

A cag keeps you warm above water, and a tuiliq keeps you dry under the water, provided you stay in your boat.


Zyflex Base Layers - Good!

– Last Updated: Feb-23-05 11:54 AM EST –

Okay, I got to try the heavy tights and top today under my drysuit and fleece bib. I like the tights. There were no seams that would irritate. I was concerned about the top because it did have seams that were not flat stitched. Turned out to be not off concern. I like the silky smooth feel. Didn't feel constricted. It did what it was supposed to -- wick moisture away from me -- I had a lot that since I was sprinting like crazy to get through the break zone. When I took the drysuit off, the outer layer was quite damp but the Zyflex felt dry.

For mid $20's per, I thought it was a pretty good buy for performance base layer.

I wish Zyflex would make a big pull over jacket (like over drysuit and pfd) with a fleece lining and a quick drying outer layer (like the Cag). I think with would a nice warm outer layer for those shore breaks.

Anyway, I am impressed and will keep track of their productes.