$1000 seakayak

I have been kayaking for about two years, and have decided to upgrade from my recreational kayak this tax season. I figure on spending about a grand (hence the title). I am a bigger guy 240, and will paddle mainly open flat water, or small to medium rivers with little to no current. I would like to be able to paddle out to the barrier islands, about twelve miles off the coast of the mississippi. Can anyone point me in a good direction. Oh, by the way I live in southern Mississippi and there are no kayak shops around so I won’t be able to really test anything.

Prijon Calabria…
…is worth taking a look at.

I second what rroberts said
The Calabria is a fine reliable boat that should fit you.

the cockpit design looks different.

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I am looking to expand my knowledge as well as my boundaries and was looking forward to learning roles. I have a huge cockpit now and and this one looks a little odd to me. Will it afford rolling? Do you think that there is enough storage for an overnighter? Also, what about a skeg or a rutter?

It comes rudder ready, meaning that…
…it’s easy to add one after. (At least I think it’s rudder ready.)

Try it and see, but I’m betting you won’t have any trouble getting out of it.

Looks to me that there would be enough room for

an overnighter.

There is no front bulkhead; only a

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flotation bag. This may be a limiting factor for overnight storage. It is a high volume boat, however, and you will have to judge available space by viewing the boat.

I think the rudder is about $200 extra???

I didn’t even think about a forward
bulkhead. The swells out near the islands get pretty big. I think I would like a forward bulkhead.

There goes your 1000K limit.

It is all about what I can convince my
wife I need for safety. I think a forward bulkhead is important for flotation, not storage. I tend to tip over easy, and as I have said I haven’t learned to role yet.

Two other boats and forward bulkhead
Two more boats in your size range, and simular to the Prijon Calabria sizes.

Necky Eskia


Seda Viking Max


I’ve paddled both of them, at the time I was 6-4 and 245, but have slimmed down since. They are both big guy friendly, especially the Viking. The Viking is glass and a new one will be at least twice your budget, but I highly recommend it.

Now regarding front bulkhead, you don’t have to have one. Yes, you absolutely will need front floatation, but properly loaded and sealed dry bags can serve this purpose. Sleeping bag, foam pads, sweaters, etc. However, you must always be diligent about some sort of floatation, that a front bulkhead lets you forget about.


The Calabria comes with front floation…

I usualy carry one dry bag up front but didn’t think of it as flotation. Namely because one of the many times I have found myself unintentionally out of my boat it was out with me. I really appreciate all the advice. Does anyone know of a good dealer in the area. As a perspective I am about an hour and half east of new orleans.

Too bad you don;t live closer
I’d have you test paddle the Calabria with the $200 rudder or the Prijon Kodiak (see my review of Kodiak on Pnet), and you could buy either for just under $1000. They are both stellar, and would fit you well. And I’m selling only because I have additional duplicates of each-- I’m Prijon crazy. If you are ever in IL, email me.

See ya.

I wonder…
Could I make that drive in a weekend?

Used Tempest 17
This is a great boat - you should be able to find one used at under a grand (I found one for well below that). It’s a real sea kayak and will hold someone your size. I hear that the hatches seal better on 2005 and earlier models.


Perception - Carolina 14.5?
I’m 5’11 and 250 (decreasing slowly but surely), and was shopping around for my first day/weekend touring yak. I finally decided on the Perception Carolina 14.5 courtesy of a closeout special at sierratradingpost.com. While it retails for ~$800 I was able to get it on closeout for $540 shipped.

While the Carolina doesn’t necessarily offer any amazing features over other boats, it seems to be a pretty versatile bang-for-the-buck type of kayak. I like the storage in both the front and back bulkhead. I haven’t had a chance to paddle yet, but I’ve sat in it and it seems pretty comfortable to me. Now I just need to wait for the ice to melt…

Consider a Stitch and Glue
Maybe the Pygmy Tern or Coho, which are very comfortable for bigger folk. Much lighter than the plastic boats on your list.

Register to win…
The CD Storm… It will take you places…

can you go 48 hours without sleep?

you want that forward bulkhead
You want proper floatation (2 bulkheads), decklines, a PFD, paddle float, VHF radio, and PLENTY of practice getting back into your boat BEFORE you need it.

I didn’t have 2 bulkheads the first time around and it nearly cost me my life. A good way to loosen the wife’s purse strings though … :^)

Sounds like you’re away from anyone else, but if you lived in a populated area you would want classes. On your own, you are left with books, DVDs and the internet. The more rescues you have down, the better. I figured I needed at least one tried and true rescue that would work in conditions, so I learned the reenter and (paddle float) roll. If you’re paddling alone and aspire to a 12 mile crossing, obviously you need something that’s tried and true. We don’t want to have to read about you in an accident report.

All the best. Happy paddling!