12 Mile Canoe & Kayak Race - Clemson, SC

12 Mile Canoe & Kayak Race - Clemson, SC

Does any one knows anything about this race? such as level of the paddlers attending, water and course conditions, and such…

Last week a race in my race scheduled was cancel due to high water level and bad weather, so it would be nice to replace it with this one because of being only 90 miles away from home.

It is classified as class B for the National ranking. Thus, in general, class B races have a good attendance.


I just sent a e-mail off
to Jim Normandin who is putting it on to get the particulars.

It is on Lake Hartwell.

As soon as he responds, I’ll post them.

Last year was the first one and there was a decent showing for a race that was not advertised.



Thanks Jack…
I was kind of surprise to see the race within the list of the Marathon National Ranking due to I have never heard of it before. In general those races tend to have a nice attendance of competitive paddlers. It is only like 90 miles, so most probably , I will do it.

Did it last year
It was a great race in the canoe classes. It was the first year so attendance was alittle low. However It was a dog fight in the comp-cruiser solo class and a real knock down give and take drag out dogfight in the tandem class. The winning was strictly due a better bouy turn. One boat was stern ugly another ugly over all and one sterna d bow pretty…

good race and I am planning on doing it again, probobly solo this time.

Hey you no good rotten friz a frat
Who are your referring to as “stern ugly”?

I hope the heck you guys have been training hard, cause you know who is going to be gunning for you.

We have been lilly dipping down in Florida, in kayaks but are chomping at the bit to get back in that comp cruiser or any other canoe that I can get back to a ZRE bent shaft.



Just got off the phone
Hopefully I got the info correct.

Race is April 19

Registration starts at 8:00 Am

First race starts at 10:30 AM

Race distance is approximately 7 miles

There will be two races so that participants can race in two different catagories if they want to

One race will be primarily for C-1, K-1 and possibly C-2 women

The next race will be basically C-2 and K-2

More catagories will be added as required

Entry fee is $25 (possibly $20) This includes a T shirt

Directions: it is on Lake Hartwell

From I-26 take 385 to route 123 to Clemson

-Turn right on 133N. it is a mile on the left,(12 Mile Park)

Hopefully I got most of this correct.


training? 12 oz. wrist curls…
My oldest is getting Married so I have been tied up in daddy duties. No training except some 12 oz. wrist curls on St. Patricks day…

Randy and I want to go Solo then if we can we will go tandem. I am fearful of that Womans team this year. they had never paddled together before and they were tough…

12 mile race
all that jack said is correct.

i was @ that race that was canciled after a 6 hour drive one way!!! how about that 120 dallor tee shirt!!! and a 40 dallor entry fee!!!

the race is rain or shine we will wait out thunder storms!!! we had 3 national champs last year and great competition in all classes

Great Info!
In fact, I was thinking in going, but I did not think about time and address. I do not know how I was planning to get there :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I shared the pain
… it wasn’t funny. At least, I drove down to Tybee Island and had a blast paddling my surfski :D. Still, it became a quite expensive race!

12 miles course
Have you thought in have a 12 miles course… just to match the name of the park :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It was confusing at first to read 12 miles race and then race distance 8 miles :smiley:

See you there,

How about the race the following week
in Rome Ga.

Has anyone done that?

We are thinking of doing it in our C-2 comp cruiser and I am concerned about rocks, etc.

Any info or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated



Can’t help even though it’s
in my back yard. I have only paddled the last mile of the Oostanaula.

Sounds like you had a great trip.

Hope to see you soon.

Paddlin’ on


Oostanaula Race

I have two versions of the conditions of the Oostanaula River. According to Larry Castillo (organizer of the GA flat water series) is great for canous and ICF boats. Nonetheless, according to one of the master member of the LCKC who did the race last year and, in some parts the river is too shallow and rocky -he broke part of his K1 rudder.

Some considerations, last year at this time of the year with no rains, the river was low about 5 feet and dropping -around Rome. As of today, it is 8 feet high. I guess these 3 feet of water could make difference for these two differnts accounts. We had some rains yesterday and today; however, it looks dry thereafter. As long as, the water level stays around 7 feet or above around rome, I’ll do it. Otherwise, I do not know whether to risk neither my K1 nor my Ski.

Hope this help,

I think Larry will probably be at the Clemson race next Saturday, and I’ll touch base with him.

He was there last year.