2 man tents

Need recommendations on a 2 man ,easily set-up tent for traveling. Doesn’t need to be ultralight. Reasonable price would be good. Thanks.

Are you looking for inside space or for small storage size or durability? I bought a tent last summer, my dad and I are each fairly tall, I’m 6-1, he’s 6-4, so I ended up going with a 3 man just because I didn’t mind the extra weight or pack size and liked the extra room inside. It’s a Mountain Hardware Alcove 3; from the specs, the material seemed pretty good. They seem like a good brand.

Eureka Apex 2 from Campmor. Eureka makes great tents and Campmor has very good prices. You can google yjeir website. I spent 14 hours in a sustaned rain totaling eight inches. I slept through the nite and took on no water al all. Have fun!


My Eureka Timberline
is on it’s fourth year. I have used it about 25 times. It is inexpensive and about as easy to set up as I’ve seen. I have camped in the rain and it is waterproof. I have used it for all of my Kayak camping.

On the other hand, my son needed one that was lighter and I bought him a Kelty. The Kelty seems a little better in terms of construction but has the same features and functions. It does weigh about half as much which I needed in oreder to get his pack weight down. The down side is that it cost right at four times as much.


REI Half Dome 2 HC Tent
I have spent 6 nites so far in this tent and feel the love starting to build! Just got it in March. It is really easy to set up (under 5 minutes) and packs small. I use it with the footprint ground mat made for this tent. It fits two people fine and has a bit of room left inside for a small amount of gear. The vestibules however are quite large and provide plenty of space for extra gear, pack, etc.

I have pictures of the Half Dome in the May 2006 Campland San Diego photo album at my space:


And here is the link to the REI website which shows the tent:


I have to admit in fairness that I am a big REI fan. I have purchased considerable gear through them and found the quality high and the sales personnel very knowledgable. I have made most purchases at the store (Seattle, San Carlos & Saratoga CA) but I also like purchasing through their website. I have contacted their technical support several times through their website and always had a great experience when I have product questions, etc. I think they have someone their 24 hours a day because the responses were always quick.

~ bill

quick and dirty cheap but no big wind
check the paris homeless thread.

I got our Sierra Designs Omega 3
because it is a “convertible” 3-4 season tent. It is just barely cool enough with the inner panels open for SE summer camping, and much warmer in cold conditions with the inner panels zipped shut. Just light enough for backpacking at almost 7 pounds packed.

When it is very got, we use our Kelty Vortex 4. Its successor the Gunnison is easier to put up. These larger tents weigh about 8+ pounds packed. They have plenty of ventilation, loads of space, and actually stay pretty warm down into the 30s.

not on the market yet but
will be within a month is the Henry Shires Double Rainbow…as an ultralight backpacker you will find this tent amazing, it will change things in the tenting world. Rarely do I ever steep so low as to tent, much rathering a hanging existence eg Hennessey Lite Racer, if you have to tent and/or carry a tent the Double Rainbow is something to consider. I hope to be the first owner of one.

That said, for kayak camping you are blessed by Archimedes and have much more leeway in what you can carry…if money is no object consider the Hilleberg line of tents. I’ve used their Akto, infact slept in it last week on another AT section hike, they are the tentmakers :slight_smile:

Sierra Designs is good value IMO
How cosy? Or to put it another way, do you mean 2 man or 2 person?-)

I have a Sierra Designs that I like for a wide range of conditions but it is kind of tight. Demo, demo, demo.

I meant 2 man because I take up

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space for 1.5 by myself.And I might let the dog in sometime.

Look at the Kelty line
Kelty tents are reasonably priced, well made and easy to set-up. I have two. The Kelty Aztec (2 person) is very easy to set up and very light and compact. It is really not big enough for two (as most two person tents aren’t) but is great for one and gear. http://www.kelty.com/Kelty/index.cfm?fuseaction=Home.Home

I second the REI Half Dome

REI and affordable: oil and water
I just throw away the catalog when it comes in the mail anymore. The modest income I have will not allow me to buy a piece of gear for $300 when I can find something almost as good in Campmor for $75. I second the reccomendation on the Apex 2. Mine is a year old and I really like it.

USMC combat tent…

north face

great size to put in a boat!


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provides options backpacking doesn't. I have a Mountain Hardwear three man tent for canoe trips. Very roomy for a companion and me. Nice, I'd call it luxury. For backpacking I carry a nice little tarp.

Now here's the rub: Great new outdoorsy girlfriend. Loves to 'camp'. To her this means vehicle nearby and toidy in walking distance. I am not fond of this kind of camping so compromise is I carry 8.5 pound 3 person tent hiking through the Ouachita's.

I'm a better man for it, I'm sure,

Point is, the boat is your back and can carry extra weighty things you normally wouldn't camp with, a three person tent is gloriously comfy for two. Dutch oven anyone?


Eureka Apex XT
Hey String. I bought an Apex XT a couple of months ago. I’m happy with it. It’s called a 2 man but it’s more of a 1 & 1/2. I’m 6’!’ & 210 and have lots of room. It has 2 doors and 2 good sizes vestubles. It also has a lot of tabs to tie it down with to make it practically bomb proof. The price is right too.

The tent itself is mostly mesh, which is nice for hot weather. The rain fly covers everything.


My favorite is a Quest

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tube type which I used for years while scouting, but finally gave in to the need to get a freestanding backpacking tent when we were stuck on a rock island with nowhere to put in a stake and without my ice axe & pitons. So I broke down and got a Northface Pebble. I like the head room, but miss the Quest's giant vestibule for keeping gear dry. I even had to cook in it on top of Mt Mitchell in a hailstorm. I'd taken the Pebble to Jocassee for the rendezvous. Don't know if you saw it. Either one is a good tent and stands up to wind well. Both are easy & quick to set up and tear down. Just checked and they're now calling it a Tephra.


My boat has a 750 lb. capacity , so
I can take just about any tent made, but I’m thinking set-up space may be small sometimes.