2004 Sawyer Loon Photos

A few weeks ago someone asked for me to post some shots of the new Sawyer Loon.


Sorry it took me a while, but this time of year I only make it down to the shop every few weeks.

BMO also brought one in for demo. Sometime soon I’ll spend a few days test paddling it , and post my opinions.

Has Sawyer
posted a web site or a listing of its current models?

Handshake Marketing
Sawyer got ahold of BMO because they wanted us to build them a custom trailer. During these conversations we mentioned that we were interested in getting acouple of Loons…and the rest is history.

At this point they are not offering any catalogs or advertising schwag.

This is partly why I thought it was cool that we got the boats, because I doubt they are laying up very many at this point.

loon ?s

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Is this Kruger's design? I was under the impression that he got the molds back when Sawyer stopped making the Loon during the first go-round.

Is Sawyer making them for order?

Thanks for posting the photos. Got any more, maybe shots of the hull?

Next Week
I won’t be going back to BMO until next Saturday, for the New Years Day Paddle. I get some hull shots then.

I’m not sure exactly what Sawyers situation is, but we were able to get these two hulls layed up and will probably get more. It sounded like they were getting ready to make a “comeback” in the market but so far were just “experimenting” and getting set up…hence the need for one of our trailers.

I have no clue what the license agreement is between Kruger and Sawyer, but it is my understanding that these boats were layed up on the original molds.

A link
Here’s a link I found doing a search for “sawyer loon”.


I find this a curious craft and want to learn more about it, but I do have to wonder what its market would be? No disrespect to the late Mr. Kruger, but like a typical Kruger “can-yak” it looks like a bear to portage so it seems like it would have limited appeal to wilderness trippers, while simultaneously it looks too chubby to serve the needs of kayakers. Maybe I’m missing something… A distinct possibility… Someone please enlighten me. RK

Somewhere In-Between
This would be a great boat for some one like Chad19 who wants a fast windproof canoe that can handle coastal conditions.

It is much lower volume than a Seawind and would not make near as good an “expedition” boat, but would do well for week long outings. It is not terribly heavy and could easily be out-fitted with a portage strap for easy carries.

I knew we had these boats coming when I was thinking about a new canoe. In the end I think my choice of the Wenonah Voyager fits my needs better for a big tripper, but this boat is a close second. In the end it came down to needing just a bit more room to accomodate gear plus dog.

This boat reminds me more of a faster bigger Rob Roy than it does a downsized Seawind.

carrying/portaging Kruger canoe
You are welcome to check my video clip, South Platte River Winter, from the last winter paddling: http://users.frii.com/uliasz/wayfarer/video.htm

So, carrying the boat despite of 60+ lb weight is quite easy and comfortable. I am not sure if Loon had the same inverted seat yoke system as my Sea Wind. This boat is a heavy duty expedition canoe, faster and more efficient than a traditional canoe, slower than typical sea kayak, but much more comfortable, and it’s great for sailing, especially with outriggers or as a catamaran.

I wouldn’t take my Sea Wind for Texas Water Safari, but I am ready to paddle her 300 miles within 6 days during WaterTribe Eveglades Challenge in Florida, sleeping inside the boat if necessary. I am a fan of Kruger’s canoes but I am paddling other boats as well.

it looks pretty darn sweet
i’m not sure i like the rudder design, but i’d love to paddle one. hell, i’d love to buy one right now, but i don’t know about $2600.

that wenonah guy in colorado has an old model. he wrote about paddling his with the rudder up. kruger’s sea winds seems dependant on a rudder.

This is an interesting craft…
…and an interesting discussion. Thanks for answering my questions guys. I didn’t realize the loon weighed that much less than its bigger brothers. That’s the weight of my Shearwater, which I consider to be a touch on the heavy side for a solo canoe, but not intolerable. I wouldn’t want anything heavier on difficult portage trails, but 44 lbs is doable. Also interesting to me that it doesn’t require that the rudder be deployed, except “when all hell breaks loose” as Chris said. Does sound like a great coastal cruiser, not my thing, but interesting none the less. Thanks, Randall

Missed a Step, Hey McWood
If I’m not mistaken, the Mad River Monarch was designed by Kruger as a more expedition-oriented “Loon.” I like the yoke/seat in the Monarch & Seawind. Unfortunately, Mad River didn’t build the Monarch up to Verlen’s standards and they were only produced for a few years before the 3rd step in the process, the Kruger Seawind. Jump in and correct me if I’m wrong, Mick Here’s a pic of my Monarch that I picked up last year with Mc’s help. Due to my “Parade” of illnesses since June, I haven’t been able to paddle it enough to notice a difference between it and a Seawind. Most of the differences I’ve noted were amenities and not paddling charachteristics. Mick did point out the rudder is not as nice as a Seawind’s. BTW, nice Loon pic’s Topher & Eric! WW



Monarch pictures
Very nice pictures of Monarch can be found in “Superior: Journeys on an Inland Sea” -a book by Gary and Joanie McGuffin


It is where I first time saw a canoe designed by Verlen.

New Loon?! Have a ton of questions and
comments!! I do, I do.

On the road today.

Back later.


loons and monarchs
i’d love to paddle either. that is one nice looking monarch. looks like a bigger, beefier rob roy with a much tougher cockpit and a rudder. the lines look very similar.

i’m sure we’ll eventually hear some folks point out faults in each boat. but, relative to other tripping canoes, both the loon and monarch seem to be top-notch when compared to 95 percent or more of the canoes on the market. just because they aren’t a sea wind or built to kruger’s “standards” doesn’t mean they’re a sub-par canoe in any way.

I’ve paddled a Rob Roy also, but feels quite a bit different from the Seawind and Monarch. I CAN’T tell a difference between the Seawind and Monarch as far as paddling charachteristics. I had been wanting a Kruger and a good friend found this Monarch. I picked it up for him, KICKING MYSELF that it was HIM that got this boat at a steal, instead of me. He paddled it a couple of times, then asked if I wanted to buy it off him at his cost. It’s great having friends like that! WW


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Have not forgotten my promise to come back and comment on the new Sawyer Loon. Been gathering info as I do not want to just make comments off the cuff. Will come back with info, promise.

Happy Paddl'n!



BTW: Here is the contents of the earlier thread could not find before:

Sawyer Canoe Company has been bought
Posted by: ericnyre on Nov-20-04 9:32 PM (EST) Category: Canoes
According to Paddle Dealer Magazine, Sawyer Canoe Company has been bought.

The company has been moved to Piqua, Ohio

First production was planned for the end of October.

Does anyone have any other information? A website doesn't appear to have been established yet. I'd love to see what models they are producing.

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I know a little bout it....
Posted by: N.T. on Nov-20-04 9:46 PM (EST)
email me.

Very interesting
Posted by: arkay on Nov-21-04 1:11 AM (EST)
Glad to hear this news. I wish the new owners the best of luck with their new enterprise. Good for them! In this era of waddlin’ tubs they’ll have their work cut out for them trying to establish a market share… A new start-up featuring quality canoe designs really bucks the trends & will be risky business in the “yak age”. But they might just make it if they keep their goals high.

"waddlin' tubs?"
Posted by: bellcapt on Nov-21-04 8:27 AM (EST)

Oh, the image that brought to mind...
You crack me up! ;-D

Loon for one
Posted by: Mike_McCrea on Nov-21-04 8:29 AM (EST)
Not sure what else

Posted by: chad19 on Nov-21-04 6:19 PM (EST)
are you talking about the kruger-designed loon?

Posted by: madmike on Nov-21-04 6:59 PM (EST)
Old Town Loon?

Kruger designed, Sawyer built
Posted by: ericnyre on Nov-21-04 7:30 PM (EST)
I still have a Sawyer Loon. It is a great boat. Hope they put it into production again, as I wouldn't mind a new one.

If late model Sawyer Loon be careful!
Posted by: mcwood4 on Nov-23-04 8:10 PM (EST)
Near the end of company operations Sewyer cheapened the products, probably due to financial problems. The late model Loon tended to delaminate at the joining strips for the deck and hull. One came apart in the middle of Lake Erie. I learned these facts from Verlen Kruger himself.

Happy Paddl'n!



Mine's good
Posted by: ericnyre on Nov-23-04 9:13 PM (EST)
Sawyer boats were good until the first closing. After they re-opened they had major quality issues, and never recovered.

My Kevlar is a 1989, and that was prime for Sawyer, it is very well built.

Is it just the name?
Posted by: baldpaddler on Nov-21-04 10:40 AM (EST)
Or did the original designs and formes get bought also?

Sailing Sawyers
Posted by: whalen on Nov-21-04 11:12 AM (EST)
I was a part owner of an older Sawyer 17ft Ranger(?) which was cut down fore and aft, decked fore and aft with bulkheads, and had wider gunwales around the cockpit. Sailed like a witch and won the ACA nationals a few times. (ACA #88)

She had a 55 sq ft sail. Single leeboard on the starboard side (light wx and heavy wx weights). Hiking straps. I swear she'd plane on any point off a reach!

This was at the Dayton Canoe Club on the Miami River about 12 miles downstream of Piqua.

Livin in Xenia
Posted by: kebs on Nov-23-04 8:58 AM (EST)
I am from Dayton and now live outside xenia. I think it would be really cool to get a chance to have a look at production after they open. I have never owned a sawyer canoe before.

Sawyer Catalogs
Posted by: ogilvyspecial on Nov-24-04 2:37 AM (EST)
I posted these once in the past but thought I'd do so again in case anybody missed them the first time. These versions are a bit different since I've cropped them for easier viewing.
I've also attributed a date to one of them since the first posting.

In addition to the Sawyer Catalogs I've also added a 1927 article entitled "How to Pick Your Canoe" to show the advice given by this fellow for this often asked question.

Here's the link.................



Hey Jack
Posted by: arkay on Nov-25-04 5:34 AM (EST)
Thanks for posting those catalogs and various pics. Very cool!

You're Welcome
Posted by: ogilvyspecial on Nov-25-04 3:01 PM (EST)
Arkay, glad you liked them.
I currently run three of these photo hosting accounts and will be adding a fourth shortly where I'll put some of what I call my odd ball canoe company catalogs from the 1950's, 60's & 70's.

I have a bunch of 'em for fiberglass, aluminum & some early royalex models from companies like Quapaw, Core Craft & Skimmar among others.
These are companies, for the most part, that primarily offered boats but did sell canoes and in some cases kayaks, on the side.

Some may be surprised that Smoker Craft offered a royalex canoe back in 1970, which surprised me when I first found this out considering that they were an aluminum company.

In addition to the information they contain I also like the old graphics, especially in some of the grumman catalogs from the early 60's.

Once again, you're welcome...............


Hey Jack!
Posted by: thebob.com on Nov-25-04 5:37 PM (EST)
Thanks "again" for the Chestnut, and Grumman catalogs. Enjoyed checking out what you just posted too. What about some Blackhawk; got any?


P.S. Keep you eye out for a Blackhawk Zephyr in really nice condition for me. Should be some up there in your area that the wolverines haven't chewed up eh?

Sawyer Catalog, circa 1985
I found and purchased an old Sawyer catalog, circa 1985. The Loon is in it with a nice little and very informative write up about it.

Will type out the narratives in this thread later.

Must run.

TTFN, Mick

Easy to portage. Pleant of photos here
Actually Verlen orginally sold the design to Old Town he didnt actually give them the actual molds, they made there own version and Verlen was sort of upset that they shortchanged the quality of the original, they wanted to make it “cheaper” so they could save money in production. Mad River eventually got the next version and made the “Monarch” which was a step up in efficiency and quality than the previous, they ended up changing the design again to make it profitable for them. Verlen basically didnt feel that one should lessen the quality and change the design on what the thought was ideal so he started making his own again and did this up until a year or two before he got ill with cancer.

Actually Arcky no offense, but your missing the whole point regarding portaging and ease of. Verlens 40 prototypes eventually ended up being the final design in which he thought was the ideal portage boat. You cant portage a kayak or sea kayak with anywhere near the ease of a SeaWind. In Fact they are easier than a canoe due to the built in comfortable portage yoke. Can you imagine trying to portage a sea kayak though the woods. You cant see! Verlen himself made over 550 miles of portages during his “ultimate canoe challenge” in the 1980. One portage along was 67 miles!!! He was in his early 60’s when doing this. Now what sea kayak or canoe would you want to portage 67 miles???

here is a bunch of photos of the Sea Wind, used sololy and catamarand together for comfort and safety. You can do this to many other canoes or sea kayaks can you? ALso some sailing photos too. You can even sleep inside the boat.

Enjoy the photos : http://www.krugercanoes.com/toc.htm

Photo of sea Wind in use

hello- I posted a response to your message but not sure why it appeared below it. I tried to answer some questions regaring design and portage of a sea wind with about 20 pictures

happy paddling